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Salter, George H., 1826-ca. 1906 / Papers, ca. 1896-1913, 1965
Call Number, Stevens Point SC 60 ([unpublished])

"Daddy" Salter Crosses Dark River! PDF (5.7 MB)

where he quietly finished his meal, much to the amusement of his fellow pass-engers.
 When he arrived at Burlington he sold the plates for a quarter a piece.
 When his second wife was brutally murdered by drunken Indians, Salter was
at work in the fields three miles distant.  His first informa-tion of the
tragic event was brought by a man on horseback.  Salter ran breathlessly
to his home and found his wife cold in death.
Herewith we give Daddys own statement of what happened afterwards.  It was
taken from his autobiography: "When I arrived at the house there
two or three hundred people there and among them the county sheriff who had
a drunken Indian in custody.  As the officer was about to place the prison-er
in his wagon old Nooney said "let old Salter look at the Indian
see if he knows him".  Just then a women present said, there is
of the Indians.  To which I replied, don't take him to jail.  I'll save the
county the expense John T. Kingston grabbed me but I got away from him, he
didn't hold me long I got one kick at the Indian and then got him down and
then Tom Naughtin, the sheriff, got hold of me but I got away from him, and
went into the house and got the ax-handle that the Indians killed my wife
with and went after the Indian who was now lying in the middle of the road,
and some of the folks was going to stop me from killing him, but Mr. George
Burch of Necedah told the people to stand back and let Salter do as he had
a mind to with the Indian, and that he would shoot the first man that inter-fered,
and so they let me alone and I went at him with the ax-handle and fixed him
right there and left him right in the middle of the road.  Then I went and
took a drink and was having a gay old time when Mr. Burch and Dr. Canfield
came into the house and then they and a few neighbors coun-seled what to
do with the dead Indian.  Some proposed that we take him to Mr. E. S. Minor
for him to bury, but while we were consulting about the matter my neighbor
John Miller was cutting the Indian's head off to take to Mr. Minor, but before
he had severed the head Mr. Burch and Mr. Canfield drove away and we had
not team, so Miller said "I'll fix him", and he went and
cut a
ten foot pole putting the Indians head on it planted it in the middle of
the road, and then we all took another drink.  The next day some of the women
wanted to go home and George Carter was chosen to escort the school teacher
Miss Mills and Miss Sieger, to there homes, and when they got about a mile
from the house they spied and Indian and George told the women to walk on
and he would go and see what the Indian was doing.  He grabbed Mr. Indian
and asked what he was looking for.  The Indian said he was looking for his
brother,  John. Carter said that Salter wanted to see him and the Indian
went until about eighty rods from my house and he saw something in the middle
of the road and he asked George what it was.  George told him it was John's
head.  The Indian refused to go farther, but George grabbed him and after
a big tussel got him to the house.  I wanted to get at him but Tom Nooney
said "let him alone we will see what he has got to say".
 I was
ready with the ax-handle and another man had a double barreled shotgun loaded
with buckshot.  I told him to put the gun down and get a rope and Bill (the
Indian) would tell the truth about it, and he said if he would let him go
he would show us where the three Indians were that committed the murder.
 I told Pat Babe to put  down the gun and tie him, but as soon as he put
the gun down the Indian jumped for it and fired one barr-el towards us when
we grabbed for the gun and let the Indian get away, as we knew there was
another load in the gun,the rest were afraid he would kill some of us, but
I took after him with the ax-handle and overtook him in about fifteen rods.
 I hit him but once and that finished him, and then we had two dead Indians
on our hands.
My friends asked me what was to be done with him?  I said, dig a hole

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