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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the eleventh annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Friday and Saturday, January 20 and 21, 1911

Searles, H. C.
Advantages of a cow testing association,   pp. 40-42

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for the dairvymian, in which lie ctll learn all of the essential
points necessary in canri ving on anl1 b)uil(ling up a more
productive dairy.
Thesc associations have been in operation in Wisconsin
for the past two e'ears and among several herd I will mention
one coiitamining tell cows that have raised their net profit per
cow Si .0'I  or ill other words the dairyman for his second
years work received SI10.0lo more for net earnings of tun
cows than lie di(l for tile first year. I also note in several
instances an increase of six to nine dolhars per cow in twenty
an(l thirty cow herds for the same length of time.
For several s\ears Denmark has carriell on cow testing
associations adl(l at present time has about 470. In the year
1084 the cows in Denmark averaged about 8o pounds of
butter a year; in 1887 116 pounids: in 19O?8 22(l poun(ls; in
1908 there were 207.00o cows in control societies or cow
testing associations which was 18 per cent of the total
number of cows in l)enmnark. The average pro(luct of
40,000 cows from  which figures were available was 28S
pounds of butter wlhile the averaige of the best her(ls was
330 pounds.
The figures obtained from four vwars work in one associa-
tion in Michigan shows an increase production of butter
fat from 21.5 pounds to 264.4 pounds a gail of 49  I)oun(ls.
The average milk pro(luction increased from 5336 to 0170)
pouil(ls or 834 pounds gain.
In a Swedish cow testing association containing ab)out
600 cows for ten veats work showed an increase prodluction
from 6890 pounds of milk to 1 0004 pounds per cow, again of
A174 poun(ls and butter from 230 pouilds to 3145 poun(ls or
a gain of 101') poutll(l.
I notice particularly that wherever vou find a main select-
ing breeding and caring for his herd intelligently You will
find a hed(1 returning a good profit and on the other hand,
when you find a man that is indifferent regarding these
things, vou will tiind a herd that returns a very small

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