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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the tenth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thurs. and Fri., January 27 and 28, 1910

Marty, Fred
My criticism against the milk producer, the cheesemaker and the cheese dealer,   pp. 88-92 PDF (867.8 KB)

Page 89

when the dangerous gases threaten him, which are very
often caused by abnormal conditions of the milk. Such ias
udder diseases, unclean milking, unclean milk, untensils and
a sudden change of different feeds.
The cheddar cheesemanker cal introduce into the mnilk
sufficient lactic acid and thereby by different working a ild
handling of the cur(l overcome the o-assy fermentation and
still retain "lost of the natural characteristics of a cheddar
In the manufacture of a swiss cheese yon call nm c4n-
seal such dangerous agencies that belong to the ga-s
eleimients and thereby not d(estroy the most essential cliaract-
eristics nature of a swiss cheese.
Hence came the good intended ruli ig of not straillillnr
the milk at the barn. As this was in earl\v days the only
means for the cheese maker to detest unclean and diseased
milk   This rule has become the rule only, as the good
interest of the rule is daily sadly neglected by the milk
producers as well as the cheesemaker.
Patrons to(lay are signing contracts hindering- thic:n-
selves not to strain their milk at the barn. In miv Opinion
they are doing somethimr to which they cannot live up to.
When is there a time of the year wiuell it is not necessary
to strain the milk, even though you have exercieled all
precaution to be careful during the process r-f milksing.
In the spring of the year you have the :;hedding of vour
cows to contend with, latter in the season you have the
flies to contend with. The Wisconsin Dairy Laws prohibits
the sale of unclean milk containing any foreign substance
The object of not straining the milk at the barni is
to necessitate the production of the milk so clean that no
dirt of any kind can be detected by the cheesemaker or any
other substances that may be traceable to udder diseases.
It is simply meant to enforce clean milking, which rule is
strictly enforced by each cheesemaker in Switzerland who
has proper control of his patrons and whose orders are

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