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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the tenth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thurs. and Fri., January 27 and 28, 1910

Baer, U. S.
Reasons why every dairyman and cheesemaker should support our association,   pp. 84-87 PDF (746.6 KB)

Page 87

butter and cheese, in the better preparation of all dairy
products for the market, in a more intelligent study  by
dairy men of the questions of markets, and general uplift
to the whole dairv business. Curiosity is aroused by the
novelty of these conventions, and those drawn into the
nveetings become interested  in the practical discussions
which are hel(l, and are thus led to give to their business
more careful and intellig-ent thought.
This association has from sear to year employed a tra-
velinig cheese an(l dairy instructor. Work of this kind has
yiVeln general satisfaction in the territory over which this
organization operates. I am credibly informed that there
is all increasing demand among the local factorymen and
lair-inen for the services rendered by means of this sys-
tem of dairv instruction.
Factorv owners, factory managers, factory makers and
ltactorv patrons should aid this and like associations by
associating themselves with such, as active working Mem-
bcrs, in the mission of reaching that class of dairymen
til'l factorvmen who are still in the (lark, but who help to
mnae the reputation of our dairy products as much as
those of us who avail ourselves of the benefits to be de-
rive(l from these sources of information. As they are the
benleficiaries of the work of the association, they should Le
sharers in its work and thus receive the double blessing of
giving and receiving.
Let us all join hands to make the Southern Wisconsin
C(heeseniakers' and Dairymen's Association, and indeed all
associations, devoted to cause of dairying and allied sub-
jects, strong and powerful organizations, powerful in teach-
ing to every   dairyman, every cheesenlaker and   every
buttermaker who is teachable, within tile borders of this
state, the true principles of dairying to the end that Wis-
colsin shall continue to be what it now is, the grandest
an(l best dairy state in the Union.

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