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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the tenth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thurs. and Fri., January 27 and 28, 1910

Farrington, E. H.
A visit to the Ruetti-Zollikofen dairy school,   pp. 54-62 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 61

aminiations took place. The boys sat at a long  table in
the large room of the hotel, and the director of the school
vhi') was present, asked me to join the class.  I  (ladlY
accct)te(l, and found that that the young Swiss clieecenla-
ker has a good taste for   music  as well as for wine.
Their songKs were musical, and everyone sangi as if he
enjoy'ed it. The "vodel" was given with the gentuine Al-
pin1e ring, and when one of the boys began to plav a four-
foot accordian and the others. started to (lance, I could
understand whythe Swiss cheesemaker has stucil foiudness
for this particular instrument. He has (levelope(l the mus-
cles of his arms  by handling the 200-lb. cheese in his
factory, and is therefore able to easily work the bellows
of at very large accordian.
After three hours of social entertainment the boys
went home with the director of the school. Two of them,
however, who had danced with the bar maid, the only
girl present, were unable to find their hats and had to go
home bareheaded.
The next morning visitors began to arrive on early
trains, and at eight o'clock the scholars assembled in the
large lecture room and found themselves facing about fifty
visitors. The public examination is conducted in about the
same way ats a trial in court, with the scholars as prison-
ers.  Ieach teacher asks questions of the scholars (luring
periods of one-half hour each. The subjects covered by
various teachers were buttermaking, dairying in general
the principles of cattle feeding, building cheese factories,
milk testing, agricultural laws,  veterinary science and
cheese making.
These exercises continued from 8 a. m. to 12:30, with
a pause at 10 o'clock for refreshments.
The banquet, or dinner, began at one p. in. and con
tinued until 3:30, with the scholars entertaining the
guests by an occasional song. Speeches were made, as is
usual at such gatherings, and the final exercise was the
presentation of diplomas and money prizes to the scholars.

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