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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the ninth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thursday and Friday, March 11 and 12, 1909

Stauffacher, Sam J.
Annual address,   pp. 29-36 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 36

$100.58. Net profit per cow 871.57.  Pounds-of milk per
cow 7857. Average price per cwt. of milk $1.28. ,.100
worth of feed brought $3.43. According to this report there
are some farmers who are averaging a net profit of about
$7.00 per cow while there are others who average over
$70.00.  These farmers are not a hundred miles apart,
instead they both have the same sunshine, the same rain,
the same conditions and live in the same county, and yet
their profits are not at all the same.  The difference is
the man with the $70.00 profit is a student of his profession
and always ready to learn, while the $7.00 says: Oh, well
it is alright for the other fellow but situated as I am it
cannot be done.
A few years ago when the X-ray and wireless telegraph
were mentioned, people said that it could not be done, and
that the notion was only a vision of an unbalanced mind,
a crank.  But today the X-ray has become a great factor
to the medical world and wireless telegraphy can no longer
be denied. So we wish to state what your neighbor has
done you can (lo if you are willing to learn and follow his
The trouble with us people here in Southern Wisconsin
we seem to be afraid of each other. We will not work
together and until we lay aside these predjuices and fear,
the dairy industry will never. .reach the height it should
attain. What we have accomplished thus far is only a
faint reflection of what can be done in.the dairy line if we
all pull together. What Southern Wisconsin needs is the
concentration of energy, effort and intelligence of the
farmers, cheesemakers and cheesedealers of this section.
The professional men, the merchants, in fact all classes of
people meet at stated times and talk over their business,
why should not the people interested in th dairy industry?

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