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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Recommendations for implementation,   pp. 46-47

Page 47

and give priority to all future projects in a manner coordinated with the
implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.
6. Create a Citizen's Planning Action Committee composed of leading
businessmen, representatives of the various civic, religious, and ethnic
groups, etc. The membership of this committee should consist of per-
sons selected for their ability to get things done, with strong leadership
qualities, and should be appointed by the Mayor and/or the Common
Council directly and personally, and not simply persons as a "repre-
sentative" of any particular group. This should be a small "working
committee" at the inception, with the understanding that it will grow,
via sub-committees, etc. as projects are entered into.
7. Initiate detailed studies project by project to accurately determine
means, methods, costs, benefits, methods of financing, possible assist-
ance, etc. and have active individuals assigned each to "bug them" to
8. Revise and adopt "Official Map", in accordance with Comprehensive
Plan, including all projects that can be agreed upon for as far in advance
as possible.
9. Revise and adopt new changes in the zoning ordinance and districts
in accordance with recommended land use.
10. Ensure complete cooperation, assistance and encouragement to the
Industrial Development Commission and form supplementary groups for
further commercial development. Activity along these lines must be
constant and unrelenting in efforts to improve the economic base by
capturing new markets and new trade.

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