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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Recommendations for implementation,   pp. 46-47

Page 46

Recommendations For Implementation
The expenditure of effort, time, thought, talent and money to pre-
pare a comprehensive plan for the development of a community to assist
in shaping its growth most advantageously will be a very wise invest-
ment, if utilized. If it is not utilized and pursued it will have been an
academic waste of effort. To be meaningful, the plans and recommenda-
tions of this report must be carried forward by the community into reali-
ties. As a document on paper it is of little use to the people. Only
through the expediting of physical changes recommended in the plan
can any real good come out of it, and this will demand the conscientious
effort, and the will to do it, of both the people of the community and
the city administration.
As a means of effectively achieving action and physical results it
is recommended that the following procedures be pursued, step by step.
1. The City Plan Commission, which is fully cognizant of all the pro-
posals in the report of the consultant should adopt the plan as its own
and recommend its approval and adoption by the City Council as the
guide plan for future development.
2. The City Plan Commission jointly with the City Council should hold
a public hearing on the plan for the purpose of acquainting the citizens
with the background of the Plan, its contents and its proposals and
recommendations, and for the Council and Plan Commission to receive
reactions, suggestions and ideas from the people.
3. The City Council should then adopt the plan "in principal" with the
thought that if any modifications were necessary they might be studied
and adopted in due time. In order to have proper validity and sub-
stance in helping to shape the community, the plan should be adopted
"officially" as the guide to fixing precise projects.
4. As proposed items of the plan became realistic enough to be placed
on the schedule of the Capital Budget Program, these items should be
officially adopted, project by project, and made a part of the "Official
5. Instruct the Redevelopment Authority of the City of South Milwaukee
to work within the guide lines of the Comprehensive Plan and to delineate              46

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