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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Synthesis,   pp. 42-45

Page 44

manner. From this industrial use southward, a recent subdivision with
excellent homes was erected on the bank top. This portion of the
shoreline is still open to constant erosion and a solution is needed. Private
home owners cannot afford to protect the Lake Michigan banks. For this
reason, and for the easing of automobile and truck circulation from the
dock area, it is suggested that a public roadway be continued south-
ward to connect with the Metropolitan Sewage Commission service road
or possibly carry beyond as a continuing lake front drive and automatic
lake bank erosion protection device.
Industrially, the plan attempts to consolidate the potentially ex-
cellent lands along the Chicago and Northwestern railroad tracks and
to service these large tracts of open land with an adequate street system
to allow for good circulation from industry to industry, industry to com-
mercial areas, home to industry, and from city to city. The proposed
north-south linkage of South Chicago Avenue, 12th Street and 13th,
serving the west side of the tracks is a much needed thoroughfare to open
up these lands for maximum development. Likewise, the extension of
10th Avenue southward through the new commercial district to Marion
Avenue, and the connection of 9th Avenue as a thoroughfare to Colum-
bia and across the tracks will aid greatly in the accessibility of these
industrial sites and industries now located east of the tracks. The open-
ing up of the proposed Drexel Avenue underpass, plus its connection
eastward to the waterfront will begin to allow the life-blood of industry
to circulate in an adequate manner, and thus make the vacant sites far
more attractive for development.
Three areas now zoned for industry are recommended for com-
mercial use instead. On the northern limits of the city it is recommended
that the Badger Malleable and Manufacturing Company property be
rezoned to commercial with the thought in mind that when these build-
ings are no longer suitable for manufacturing use that the area would
be available for concentrated commercial development in an area where
a strong nucleus has already established itself. The protrusion of the
malleable iron manufacturing process far into a fine residential area has
never been a compatible land usage. To change it in the future is es-
sential. With the start of the new bowling lanes and motel, this area
has the potential of a fine commercial center to service the northern
portion of the city and areas out into Oak Creek.                                       44

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