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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

[Problems and potentials],   pp. [39]-41

Page 41

Natural Resources
1. Development of lake front south of Oak Creek.
2. Greater use of lake for recreation, port, and harbor
3. Use of natural ravines to get rail and road traffic
down to lake level.
4. Further improvement of Oak Creek Parkway for neigh-
borhood recreation.
Regional and County Relationships
1. Effort should be made to have best possible con-
nectors with 1-94.
2. Attempt to get new mass transit carrier to go through
South Milwaukee Parallel to Railroad right-of-way.
3. Right-of-Way can serve industrial workers and con-
nect commercial centers.
4. Ensure that new Industrial Highway moves no further
west than Nicholson Avenue.
1. All amenities are here for very excellent living.
2. More playgrounds are possible, especially needed
close in.
3. Proposed loop road of special character would help
"neighborhood" cohesion.
4. "Golden Age" facilities could serve each neighbor-
hood, especially in areas of older homes to increase
5. Fill up all unused lots in built-up neighborhoods be-
fore expanding further in unbuilt areas.
1. Capitalize on national traits, especially Polish and
German - have folk fair, etc.
2. Encourage special Polish Restaurant, perhaps only
one in Milwaukee?
3. Capture Oak Creek and North Racine County trade
through new facilities and effort.
4. Get West Milwaukee Ave. group to compete with
East Milwaukee Ave. group to improve street; get
new stores, etc.
5. Improve street furniture, etc.
6. Attract more money from Grant Park golfers, pic-
nickers, etc., through attractive restaurants, bars, spe-
cialty stores, etc.
7. Advertise South Milwaukee on highways to west,
ie. Hy 36 at Ryan, Drexel, Rawson, and College
Avenues, same on 41, 1-94, 38, and Pennsylvania;
also at airport.
8. Develop Motel facilities.
9. Get college and/or other institutions to bring addi-
tional money into South Milwaukee.
1. Develop Port facility for ship repair.
2. Adequate Industrial land is readily available with
all services and utilities.
3. Help older industries to recover.

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