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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Major thoroughfares,   pp. 25-29

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Major Thoroughfares
The consideration of major thoroughfares in the City of South Mil-
waukee must obviously include consideration of the plans of higher
authorities dealing with the larger transportation problem, namely the
Federal Bureau of Public Roads, the State Highway Commission, the
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and Milwaukee
County Expressway Commission and Milwaukee County Department of
Public Works. As far as the Federal program and connections with the
expressway system are concerned, none of the present plans would ap-
pear to affect South Milwaukee to any great extent as the new location
for relocated Highway 41 (1-94) will still be some 2% miles west of
the city limits or approximately % of a mile east of its present location.
Most direct connection will be via Rawson Avenue. From a State stand-
point, a recent (May, 1962) suggestion for revisions in the State trunk
highway and connecting street system call for the removal of North
Chicago Avenue, Marquette and South Chicago Avenues from the state
system with the proposal that State Highway #32 be moved westward
approximately 1 mile to Nicholson-Pennsylvania Avenues. The next
nearest State trunk highway is the present State Highway #38 on
South Howell Avenue which is to remain in its present location. As
stated above, the major east-west connector bringing traffic into South
Milwaukee from the west would be Rawson Avenue which is designated
as a part of the connecting street system to the State trunk highways.
The 1960 report, prepared by H. W. Lochner, Inc. for the State High-
way Commission, on the Highway needs within the Kenosha-Milwaukee
corridor also recommended the Nicholson-Pennsylvania Avenue as the
location for this major north-south industrial traffic route. A City of
Milwaukee major thoroughfare plan, which shows Milwaukee's relation-
ship to all major thoroughfares in the County, retains the major north-
south route of Chicago and Nicholson Avenues, and includes College,
Rawson and Drexel as the major east-west routes.
The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is in
the process of a Regional Transportation Study which will be by far the
most significant determining study of future transportation routes in
the entire region. In as much as these results will not be known for
another year and a half, present-day planning must be based on the
existing plans of those administrative agencies having the authority

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