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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Land use--existing,   pp. 21-23

Proposed land use,   pp. 23-24

Page 23

Apartment houses, commonly of the two-family, four and eight
family types are concentrated in the southern portion of the city both
to the east and to the west of the railroad and then out at the western
edge of the city on Nicholson Avenue in the vicinity of Rawson and
Milwaukee Avenues. In addition to these areas, new development ap-
pears to be taking place along North Chicago Avenue, starting near
Hawthorne as well as the very latest project alongside Bucyrus-Erie.,
north of Rawson Avenue.
As far as undeveloped land is concerned, the southwest corner of
the city and along its western limits much raw land is available for resi-
dential development. At its core, the zoned industrial lands along the
Railroad offer much for future industrial and commercial use.
The Lake Michigan shoreline, the northern 2/3 of which is taken
for Grant Park use, remains almost unused in the southern 1 /3 of the
city's length. Here industry, residential and public facilities vie for
dominance. Perhaps the unsettled use characteristic in this area is a
sign that a new positive use must be found for this weakly developed,
questionable land use.
Proposed Land Use
As far as the Land Use plan is concerned, it has been determined
that the central industrial corridor should remain as a concentration of
commerce and industry throughout the entire north-south length of South
Milwaukee. Because of the need for diversification of industry and for
the city to be in a position to offer new and varied possibilities to in-
dustrial potentials the use of the lake front shoreline opposite presently
zoned industrial lands was considered an essential need for the long-
range betterment of the community. Thus, industrial and shipping ori-
ented industry is suggested for this area.
Commercial areas are enlarged and solidified near the heart of
the city, with suggested neighborhood shopping centers dispersed about
the periphery.
The residential areas respect the present existing development as
far as one-family, two-family, and multi-family housing is concerned,
with vacant land being set aside for additional one-family residences
of high quality.

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