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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Relation to Milwaukee County,   pp. 4-[6]

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Relation To Milwaukee County
South Milwaukee's 4.8 square miles occupies just 2% of the area
of Milwaukee County. By population, it contains but 1.96% of the total
population of the County. While, in the census of manufacture in 1958,
South Milwaukee's value added by manufacture is only 1.42% of that
of the County. Wherein the County's per capita value added is $1,591,
that of South Milwaukee is only $1,104. While in the City of Mil-
waukee the per capita figure amounts to $1,636 in value added by
manufacture. At the same time, new capital expenditures in Industry
amounted to $81.05 per capita in South Milwaukee, against $72.05
per capita in the City of Milwaukee and only $69.56 per capita in
Milwaukee County. The high relative value of new capital expenditures
reported may very well bode for increased efficiency and output in the
several years since the 1958 report, and may very well change the
outlook reported above. Certainly, the per capita value added must
be brought up to or above the County's average if South Milwaukee is
to retain the independent status that it desires. A brighter note how-
ever shows up in the average payroll per employee in all categories.
Here South Milwaukee's total payroll per all employees amounts to
$5,773, as compared to Milwaukee County average of $5,514 and the
City of Milwaukee average at $5,408. Considering Production Workers
alone, wages of those in South Milwaukee average $5,065, in Milwau-
kee County $4,989 and in the City of Milwaukee they average only
$4,906. It is interesting to note further, that the highest income figure,
that achieved in South Milwaukee, is accomplished with an average
man-hour figure of 1,935 hours against the average for the City of Mil-
waukee at 1,947 and for Milwaukee County 1,949. These wage and
hour comparisons speak well for the labor force of South Milwaukee
one on which the future can rely.
Physically, South Milwaukee's relationship to the County can best
be visualized on the Map on page 4, being located in the northeast
quarter of the southeastern township of Milwaukee County, originally
the township of Oak Creek. Oak Creek itself meanders through the
City of South Milwaukee and is now bordered along its entire length
by public park lands which provide many excellent recreational areas
and vast openness which increases the vistas from adjacent residential
areas. Combined with Grant Park, operated by the Milwaukee County

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