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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Relation to region,   pp. 2-3

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The entire Megalopolitan Area on Lake Michigan's southwest shore
is one dominated by mature heavy industry starting with the steel mills
in the Gary-Whiting-East Chicago area and continuing through Chi-
cago to Waukegan, Kenosha, Racine, South Milwaukee, Cudahy and
Milwaukee. One is impressed by the immensity of manufacturing and
the high proportion of the total national heavy industrial products turned
out in this region. South Milwaukee's share in this picture has been
great, and in relation to its population and area, it has been very
productive indeed. It can be very proud of its accomplishments and is
a very strong link in the total network. While South Milwaukee is clas-
sified as a manufacturing City, meaning that 50% or more of its total
labor force is employed in manufacturing, its actual ratio is 79. On
a comparative basis nationally, this still leaves it in a "Dormitory" class
of City rather than a "Balanced" City where the employment/residence
ratio ranges from 85 to 11 5. On the other hand, an "Employing" City
has an employment/residence ratio of 116 or more. Thus, on a regional
or national comparative basis, South Milwaukee can very definitely stand
to increase its employment/residence ratio at least another 20 points
to have the "balance" that is necessary to retain its independent and
self-sufficient aims.
Being on a direct line between two major Metropolitan Centers,
Milwaukee on the one hand and Chicago on the other, approximately
80 miles to the south, with 3 additional major manufacturing cities in
between, South Milwaukee is automatically "Locked-in" to this regional
chain of industrial might. Rail transportation with good rates is assured,
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway traffic is at its doorstep, and inter-
regional industrial and commercial highway facilities connecting these
major centers will serve both South Milwaukee and Cudahy en route
thus helping to ensure the possibilities of its continued economic well-
The residential and recreational qualities of South Milwaukee, with
inland lake districts and Kettle Morraine Park districts to the west, ade-
quate acreage of excellent terrain for residential development still within
the city limits and more in the surrounding area gives strength to the
future well-being of the commercial and service institutions of the com-
munity. The total living quality of the area is unquestioned in its ex-

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