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Directory of the city and county of Sheboygan
Part II (1908-1909)

Sheboygan County: alphabetical list of villages,   pp. [85]-91 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 90

SHBYGN Every facility and service
Farmers &~ Merchants Bank       I      , afforded by any conservative
FB   WISCONSIN. bank is at your disposal.
Lensink A., laborer.
Magritz Ed. A., wagonmaker.
Meerdink J., laborer.
Meese Mrs.
Menderhout Mrs.
Nyenhuis G.
Nyenhuis John, autioneer.
Obrink Hy., laborer.
Obrink Mrs. H.
Oostburg Canning Co.
Oostburg Lumber Co., Jac. Daane
Walter Sprangers, pres.; Peter
Daane, vice-pres.; J. W. Hess-
link, sec.; H. Sieblink, treas.
Orlebeke John, laborer.
Pegler Emil, laborer.
Rouerdink G. J., laborer.
Rouerdink H. J., laborer.
Siebelink Henry, laborer.
Siervogel Mrs.
Smith Mrs. H.
Soernes W. J., laborer.
Spranger Walter H., pres. Oost-
burg Steel Foundry.
Stummerdink Mrs. D.
Tellier Josias, furniture and un-
Ten Dollen John, blacksmith.
Ter Maat C. J., laborer.
Te Ronde Arnold, wall paper.
Te Ronde Bros., general repair
Te Ronde H. J., laborer.
Te Ronde Henry, general store.
Te Ronde W. D., jeweler.
Te Ronde Wim., laborer.
Te Wuikek John, cattle buyer.
Van Deblew C.
Van Devilli John, laborer.
Vander Jagt -John, mason.
Vander Plug J., laborer.
Verhulst Henry, cheese maker.
Verhulst Mrs.
Verstraate & Te Ronde. general
Walwoord Isaac.
Walvoord Mrs. Joe, saloon.
Was Edward, physician.
Weiler Peter, hotel and saloon.
Westerbeck D., laborer.
Wiskamp H., painter.
Wiskamp J., laborer.
Wolfert Mrs. A.
Wykhuis Mrs.
A settlement in Section 11, Town
Rhine, 5 miles n. e. of Elk-
hart, 9 miles n. w. of Ply-
mouth and 17 miles n. w. of
Sheboygan. Mail by R. R. No.
34, Elkhart.
Andrea Baltazer, wagon mkr.
Horneck Fred 0., blacksmith.
Horneck G. W., cheese fact.
Horneck Henry, cheese mfr.
Streifer Aug., painter.
St. Peter's Evang. Church.
Wolff Hen., dealer and mfr. of
boots and shoes.
Zah Rev., pastor.
Zimmermann J. J., carp.
Zoar Ger. Ref. Church.
SCOTT (Batavia).
A village in Section  13, Town
Scott, 8 miles n. w. of Random
Lake (C. 31. &   St. P. Ry.)
Mail by R. R. No. 18, Random
Batavia House, hotel, Jac. Serres,
Bemis E. A., physician.
Capelle Gottlieb, carp. contr.
Donath Robert, cheese mfr.
Emley John, blacksmith.
Jung A., flour and grist mill.
Kraetsch Wm., hotel.
Leifer G. A., hdwe., furniture,
Liebenstein J. W., J. P., notary,
real estate.
Ludwig Robert, butcher.
Moos & Wangerin, gen. store.
Schneider Win., egg storage.
Stolper Bros., gen. store.
Van Blarcom John, saloon.
Vogelsang Adolph, harness mkr.
Wangerin Henry F., painter.
Zarling Aug., blacksmith.
IN THE CITY of any paper published in the County. - TELEPHONE 252

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