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Directory of the city and county of Sheboygan
Part II (1908-1909)

Sheboygan County: alphabetical list of villages,   pp. [85]-91 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 86

Ring up  K,             A      Dy We all on short o.tice
Phone 24  LV  EWS LAU1R\             Prompt deliveries
Finnegan A. W., gen. store.
Gersmehl Noah, lab.
Goldammer W. C., wagonmkr.
Goldammer Louis, clerk.
Hegler Ed., blacksmith.
Helminger Chas., foundry.
Hillger G., blacksmith.
Hoopman Garret, meat market.
Horn Win., retired.
Keller W. C., sect. foreman.
KILB JOS., proprietor American
Klein Art., chees mfg.
Kuell Win., lab.
Lamp Frank, stock buyer.
Liebenstein Alvin, R. M. Car.
Liebenstein  H. W., veterinary
Luth Walter, freight agt.
Mantel Geo., boots and shoes.
Marx N. J., grain buyer.
McElroy D. P., well driller.
Miller M. E.
Pierce &   Co. (E. C. Stratton,
mgr.), produce.
Proefrock Fred, lab.
Redding F. H., sta. agt.
Regner John, blacksmith.
Saeman N., postmaster.
Saemann N. & Co., gen. store
and grain buyers.
Schreiber Miss, milliner.
Schultz Fred., retired.
SEIFERT ANTON, hardware.
Seifert Geo., hwd. clerk.
Seil Nic., lab.
Senn Dr. C. N., physician and
Thiel Wm., mason contractor.
Tillman Ed., butcher.
Van Ess Venus, grain dealer.
Wassink J., clerk.
Weinhold Carl, harnessmaker.
Weinhold Henry. livery.
Young Geo., Central Hotel.
Zuengler  Wm., furniture    and
lumber yard.
A village in Section
Scott. (See Scott.)
13. Town
A village in parts of Sections 16
and 17, Town Scott, 11 miles
west of Adell and 15 miles s.
w. of Plymouth. Mail by R. R.
from Adell and Kewaskum.
Assembly "Hall of E. F. U.
Gatzke Wim., saloon.
Giesse Herman, carp. contr.
Glander Julius, blacksmith.
Janssen  Creamery   and  Cheese
Koch Charles Mrs., gen. store,
hotel and saloon.
Koch & Miller, gen. store.
Luermann Aug., mason contr.
Peake Edgar, physician.
Petermann Chas., blacksmith.
Reinke Julius, wagon maker.
Stahl Ed., saw mill.
A village in Section  29, Town
Lyndon, 7 miles s. of Ply-
mouth and 3 miles w. of Wal-
do (C. M. & St. P. R'y.). Mail
by stage from Waldo and R.
R. Nos. 20 and 21 are supplied
by the Cascade P. 0.
ALCOX   GEO., prop. West Side
Ambelang   Moritz,   boots  and
Bartlett L. C., druggist.
Burns Dr., physician.
Croghan Andy, postmaster.
Doherty P. H., meat market.
Edwards E., physician.
Flynn   Martin,  prop. Lyndon
Grabs Paul, harnessmaker.
Hulee Edw.. gen. store.
Kilcoin Anthony, prop. Union
Kraemer Win., cheese mfr.
Lammers A. J., flour mill.
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