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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Sheboygan County directory: alphabetical list of post-offices,   pp. [79]-85 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 80

Fine FO0t wear at Ehrhardt's Shoe Store
so     SH6tweBaN C   YSHEB0YG D  WIS.
Saemann N. & Co., gen store
and grain buyers.
.i, 6 SEIFERT ANTON, hardware.
00   Tourke Aug., cider mill.
.  Van Ess Venu,; grain dealer.
Weinhold Carl, harness maker.
Weinhold Henry, livery.
M4  Zuengler Win., furniture and
Mi    lumber yard.
A village in Section 13, Town
Scott. (See Scott).
A village in parts of Sections
16 and 17, Town Scott, 11
miles west of Adell and 15
miles s. w. of Plymouth. Mail
byR. R. from Adell and Ke-
Q wvaskum.
Assembly Hall of E. F. U.
Giese Herman, carp. contr.
Glander Julius. blksmith.
Hausner Martin, saw mill.
. Janssen Creamery and Cheese
Koch Charles Mrs., gen. store
- .  hotel and saloon.
4 Koepke Fred, wagon maker.
a Koch & Miller, gen. store.
W   Luermann Aug., mason, contr.
V   Peake Edgar, physician.
Ce  Peterman Chas., blacksmith.
U. Reinke Win., carp. contr.
Stahl Ed., saw mill.
;A ittenberg Henry, saloon.
A village in Section 29, Town
PCi   Lyndon, 7 miles s. of Ply-
mouth and - miles w. of Wal-
V   do (C. M. & St. P. R'y.) Mail
.Q     by stage  from Waldo   and
R. R. Nos. 20 and 21 are sup-
,  plied by the Cascade P. 0.
'Alcox Geo., prop. West Side
: Hotel.
..,Ambelang Moritz, boots and
E"  [ shoes.
Go KAUSLER &       GIESMAN, Manufacturers of FINE CIGARS  FOR
to    7GOOD
to 709 North Eighth Street   ..and Pctail Tobacconists ... GOODS
Bartlett L. C., druggist  and
Bowser John Mrs., bakery.
Doherty P. H., meat market.
Dollard E. C., physician.
Flynn Martin, hotel and saloon
Grabs Paul, harnessmaker.
,rosskreutz  Chas., hotel and,
Hulee Edw., gen. store.
Kilcoin Anthony, prop. Union
Kraemer Wm., cheese mfr.
Lammers A. J., flour mill.
Machleith A. H., physician.
Meyer John, boots and shoes.
Moll Louis, gen. store.
Ninnemann Carl, wagon maker.
Piper Elmer, barber and car-i
Radke Aug., blacksmith.
Raike Herman, saloon.
Reilley James, blacksmith.
Rogers Ardell, physician.
Ruppenthal Ad., hardware and'
Schlander J., saw mill.
Schulz John C., blacksmith.
Smith  J. E., prop. Lyndon
A village in Section 31. Town'
Holland, 6 miles s. w. of
Cedar Grove   (C. & N. W.
R'y.) and I miles e. of Ran-
dom   Lake  (C. M. & St. P.
R'y.). Mail by R. R. No. 16,
Random Lake.
Jungers Jacob, gen. store and
Riesterer Joseph, boots  and
Rossart J., saloon  and  gen.
Schmidler Mich. L., hotel and
gen. store.
Schmitt John L., agri. impl.
and  saloon.
Schons Peter, blacksmith.
weller Louis. boots and shoes.

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