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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan
Part II (1904-1905)

Plymouth directory: alphabetical list of names,   pp. [9]-38 PDF (8.1 MB)

Page 34

Enlardements and Crayon Portraits, the best In the city
Guaranteed'at GLAESER &         CO'S. Opposite Post Office.
* . 34                 PLYMOUTH DiRECTORY
q   -,teinhardt William, lab., res. p. s. Factory, 1 w. Plymouth.
4  Steinke Anton, lab., res. n. s. Factory, 2 w. Plymouth.
-  Steinke Win., retired, res. s. s. Main, 2 w. Milwaukee.
S Stephan John, retired, res. e. s. Milwaukee, 2 n. Forest.           -
Stephensen Omar, lab., res. e. s. South, 7 s. Eastern ave.
o    Stienecke E. Mrs., res. s. w. cor. Milwaukee and Main.         CD
r    Stiers August, teamster Plymouth Brewing Co., res. s. s. Main, 2 CD
w. Carolina.
Stiers Augusta, (wid. August), res. n. w. cor. Main and Carolina.
Stiers Aurora, dressmaker, res, n. w. cor. Carolina and Main.      C
S t John s Church, (Germ. Ev. Luth.), n. w. cor. Main and Stafford.
St. Johns Episcopal Church, n. w. cor. Main and Division, J. A. OJ)
Baynton, pastor.                                               D
Stolper Edgar, brds. s. w. cor. Caroline and Elizabeth.
Stolzenberg Christian, retired, res. e. s. North, 3 n. Mill.          7
Strassburger Sophia, clerk, brds. at Con. Fischer.
,    Stroub George, (Stroub & Ball), res. s. s. Main, 2 w. Smith.
Suckow William, carpenter, res. s. s. Forest, rear 3 e. Smith.
Suhrke Albert, carpenter contractor, res. n. s. Main, 5 w. North.   t a.
Suhrke Henrietta, (wid. Johan). res. s. s. Main, 4 e. Division.  2
Sweet Michael, salesman, res. e. s. Stafford, 2 n. Main.
S Sweeting Chas., lab., res. u. s. Collins, 1 w. Eastern ave.
TAGGE John, carpenter, res. n. w. cor. Brown and Milwaukee.
Taylor Francis Miss, res. Taylors Homestead.                    t
Taylor Mary Miss, res. Taylors Homestead.
Thorp William. carpenter, res. e. s. Milwaukee, 4 n. Elizabeth.  n
Thurmann Amelia Miss, clerk, res. w. s. Stafford, 3 s. Main.   0
Thurmann Fred, res. s. w. cor. Main and Stafford, tel. 1'0.
Thurmann Fred, Sr., (F. Thurmann & Co.), res. w. s. Stafford, 3 s.
Thurmann F. & Co., prop. Hub City Iron Works, s. e. cor. Mill and 0D
SStafford.                                                        __i
Thurmann William, (F. Thurmann & Co.), machinist, res. w. s.
Smith, 2 n. Mill.
Tiegs F. Mrs., res. w. s. Taylor, 1 n. Main, Huson's add.      0
Tillotsen Louis W., bookkeeper, res. s. w. cor. 'Main and Division.  :
Timm Fred, saloon, w. s. Stafford. 2 e. R. R. tracks, res. same.
Timm J. H., (Huson Bros. & Timm Co.), res. w. s. Carolina, 2 n. 0D
Main. tel. 92.
Srimm Otto, lab., w. s. Carolina. 2 n. Main.
O Timm Walter, teacher, res. w. s. Carolina, 2 n. Main.
Tingley James. teamster for Phil. Ott, res. s. e. cor. Milwaukee and
M     Mill.
Treadwell E. C., lab., res. s. s. Western, 7 w. Park.           0
Trimburger Ernst., painter, res. n. s. Thayer, 3 w. R. R. tracks.   -
Troeller Alphonse, principal Lutheran School, res. e. s. Carolina, CD
! 2n. Elizabeth.                                                U)
ITroeller Lillie Miss, res. e. s. Carolina, 3 n. Elizabeth.                        17 Cttr Ave.
Flour, Feed and Produce at S. Grassers, 930 N. Water St.

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