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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Plymouth directory: alphabetical list of names,   pp. [9]-38 PDF (8.1 MB)

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Begt of Work    KOLBERG'S            LAI     lNDRYPNewYorkAv.
 Prompt Delivery.        ER.Phones 24
PLYMOUTH DIRECTORY                        11
Berth Martha Miss, dom. n. w. cor. Mill and Stafford.
S Bieck Herman, ice dealer, res. n. s. Eastern. I e. bridge.
o'Bierbaum Herman, hostler, n. w. cor. Mill and North.
Bishop Luc. W., res. n. s. Eastern, 9 e. South.
ABlanke Conrad, retired, res. s. s. Eastern ave., 5 e. South.
Blanke Christ., retired, res. w. a. Smith, 7 n. Elizabeth.
-Blanke Fritz, retired. res. w. s. Smith. 2 n. Elizabeth.
Blanke Robert, lab.. res. n. w. eor. Elizabeth and Carolina.
Bleck Bertha Miss, teacher, res. w. s. Smith. 2 s. Forest.
Bleck Carl. retired, res. w. s. Smith. 2 s. Forest.
r Bleck Martha Miss, res. w. s. Smith, 2 s. Forest.
Boden Frank, lab., brds. n. w. cor. Mill and North.
Bohne Annie Miss, clerk H. J. Goelzer Co., brds. e. s. Stafford, 2 n.
Bohn Helen Miss, res. s. w. cor. Smith and Edna.
 Bohn Sophia Ovid. Peteri, res. s. w. cor. Smith and Edna.
IBohn Sophia Miss. res. s. 7. cor. Smith and Edna.
jBohnsack Peter, retired, res. n. e. eor. Eli.zabeth andl Smith.
iBohr Moritz. cook at Hotel Laack, res. same.
!Bonsa Herman, salesmian, res. s. s. -Main, 2 w. North. 2 floor.
~orzes Arthur. Tinner, res. e. s. Smith. 3 nl. Elizabeth.
g      Laura Miss. res. s. s. Eastern± a. e.. ' e. Seh.
6 ,Borzes Louisa (wid. Henry I. s. s Eastern a'. e.. 9 e. Sm1iTh.
a3or-es Iartha Miss, res. s. s. Eastern av.9 C . Soth.
Borkelhagen Ernst.* ret., res. e. s. SmiTh. 1o n. Elizaureth.
jBortz Minna (wid. Franz . res. .. s.   2 e. Mih±au'.t'e
3wer DBenj'. F.. carpentere. ". .  s. Collins.
0 Bo wers Henry Irs., res. e.s.          s. Thayr.
rBowers Ivy _Mrs. Iwid. A-ria. -. s. P1ynouth. 2 s. Weserr ave.
- owers Littitia Mrs. t vid. George,. r-. w. s. Pleasant. - s. M:I1.
Bo  e,'  L. "Y.. rin(,r. re.s. (. s.  ,iihvau!e.o(. 4  n. Re;V,,.
Bowers Sarah Miss. teacher. re. e. s. Sunnit. I a. Colins.
hBraaz Julius. elk. H. J. Goe-zler Co., reo . r .. cor. ,alt, and Caro-
Bradford Pauli-ne. tdres&' ros. r. s. Alfre!. 2 e. Ncrth.
. Bra-d' NWiiam. ml .. s s. Alfired  C. No-1ti.
:Z   Breiirtun  i-ea. Fn ", ura, an. res. v.  .  ( a'  l'se.  S._,1.
3 -       u re,u, 1,ouse Miss, elk. with Russtc. & 7,cr'. res. w. s. Caroline.
f   ,"C ''' ,: V.'l at. retired. iev  w s.Caie _".. 11.:c i -,
2r     riei-,aur   ai lialm. i r  ros.  -. .Ive1.  w. Slow..
Drieshe  Si    i:L'  . l±.su ave,.  . c ' .  ...t :  ant .t 1",-   n  o,  0
-  ri.s-e Sophie. !essn.aker, n. c. 'o!. :ill an Division,   o or.
-'ri  s.                                Nv. S:ll.
. ggs Ci.r'a.. r   res    . Fi s '.  v . b'aiA.
Brig:-. Runa hiss-. :e. a. . F' to. . V.. i .
Broc'::au Carl. ,ab.. lidr.a. a. N -o:er!  . he'd
E  Brocc -.en  Ed.. mail cl',.  r s a.  . -.. ' v,. Path.
B,(ocl  iah  1n  -  .  s  .   ,-   '  .  ....  .           ' S.
Broc  obla    6        n Otdo,  Fan.. nrds. .ew.r
Furnshin                                 Embalmer
Jaco  Ger      nd,         704 -N. Eighth Street.

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