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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Plymouth directory: alphabetical list of names,   pp. [9]-38 PDF (8.1 MB)

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If you want the best              Glaeser &Co,       33 N. 8. St.
GRAPHS for your money go to    ,                       S. 12. St.
S10                PLYMOUTH DIRECTORY
BACHANZ Martin, painter, w. s. Stafford, 2 s. Main, res. n. s. Reed,,
0E 3 W. Reed, tel. 174.
CO.^4 Bade Christine Mrs., (wid. Henry), res. w. s. Milwaukee, 3 s. pow-
er house.
Bade Edwin, engineer power house, res. e. s. Carolina, 5 s. Forest.
Bade Ellwood, student, res. n. w. cor. Forest and Smith.
Bade Emma Miss, res. s. w. cor. Main and Carolina.
Bade Frank, clerk, res. w. s. Milwaukee, 1 n. Thayer.
U) Bade Henry C.. sec. Plymouth Fur. Co., and ins. agt., res. n. w. cor.
Forest and Smith. tel. 66.
Bade Louise, (wid. Joachimj, res. v. s. Milwaukee. 2 s. power,
Bade Robert. clerk. res. n. w. cor. Forest and Smith.
Bade Wilhelmine (wid. Christopher), res. e. s. Carolina, 5 s. Forest.
tel. 1-2.
Z,   Ball Henry, (Stroub & Balli, res. s. s. Main, 2 w. Smith.
Bamford Henry J., dealer in cheese, res. s. s. Collins, 3 w. South.,
tel. 16, office .9.
Bamford Mrs. Joseph, res. s. s. Eastern ave.. S e. South.
Banford Mary Miss. res. S24 Eastern ave.
Bans Mary Miss, teacher. res. s. limit Pleasant.
Bans William, retired, res. s. limit Pleasant.
Barber Wesley., lab., res. s. s. Main.I w. Milwaukee.
Barker, A. R. & Co.. dealers in lumber and coal. J. H. Goelzer 2ngr.  -
4J    e. s. Stafford. 1 n. bridge. tel. 1S.
Baynton J. A. Rev.. (St. Paul's Episcopal church), n. w. cor. Main  1<
and Division. res.   n. s. Main and west Division, tel. 1-i9.
z    Beatrice  Sister. doni.. r  . e.  . Plymouth. I s.  .'MaIn.
Becher Louis. blacksnith and horseshoer. n. s. Mill, - e. Carolina,: FF
res. same.                                                          n >
Bechlem Aug., retired., n. w. cor. Mill and Pleasant.
0    Behnke, Mrs. Fred. res. t.. s. Elizabeth, 2 e. Smith.
Behrend Chas.. blacksinith. brds. n. s. Mill, C e. North.
J    Behrend Carl, cabinetmaker. res. ii. s. West Main. 1 e. of reser voir.'
!Behrend  Frieda  Miss. don...  s. t. ill. 4  -. Stafford!.
0    Behrend -Martin. carpenter, rvs. n. s. Collins. I (. Stafford.
Behrend Herman. biaci.smith. rts. n. Q. Mill. 6 e. North.
Behrend William. blacksillith ard horse hoer. :. s. Mill, 2 e. Norlrt.-
res. s. e. cor. lain and North.
Beiersdorf Willard. clerk H. J. Goelzer Co.. Ids. s. S. Main, 2 w.
,,     North.
Beischer Leonhardt. cigarn kr., Plynouth Cigar Co.. res. s. s. Mlain,
W      - e. Division.
SBesser Fred. pastor Gernsan Rofornied chsurch. 'e. e. s. Sniilh,  -7
Z. FOI'{,St.
Berg enann OIo. jst ice of the peat'% editor PlyVoui CoIe     -
pondent and iis. at.. res. e. s. Smith. 5 -.. Elizabeth.
Berry John. lab.. brds. s. s. Mill. 5 w. bridge.
B 13erth  Charlrs.  ai,.. xe.  s. Carolina. '- n. Elizabeth.
Simon Grasser's Flour & Feed Store, 817 Center Ave.

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