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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 195

estKOLBER'S                     LAUNDRY. Shrtsto
  Telephone 24. KOB HGSRATWE       Measure
Winter Martin, Sr., 28, Sherman, Ran-
  dom Lake.
  Winter Mathilda Miss, 21, ,Sherman,
  Random Lake.
  Winter Ruben, 23, Rhine, Franklin.
  Winter Win., 24, Rhine, Franklin (60).
Wippermann 0., town clk., 5, Mosel(92).
Wismeth Joseph, saloon, toll gate No.
  1, 10, Sheboygan.
  Wisselink Cynthia Miss, 30, Lima,
Wisselink John, gen. store and post-
  master, Hingham.
Wisselink Minnie Miss, Hingham.
Wisselink Sophia Miss, Hingham.
Wisselink W., clk., Hingham.
Wissbruecker Ernst, 32, Mosel.
Wissink Ben., 25,Holland, CedarGrove.
Wissink G., 25, Holland, Cedar Grove.
Wissink T., 26, Holland, Cedar Grove
Witthuhn Win., 28, Herman, Franklin.
Wittkopf Charles, 18, Plymouth (79r).
Wittkopf Christ., 19, Plymouth (67).
Wittkopf Willie, 19, Plymouth.
Wittkopp Carl, 24, Greenbush, Ply-
  mouth (80).
Wittkopp Fred., 1, Mitchell, Plymouth.
Wittkopp J. M., 24, Greenbush, Ply-
  mouth (80).
Wittkopp J. W., 2.5, Greenbush, Ply-
  mouth (100).
Wittkopp Louis, 11, Mitchell, Ply-
  mouth (40).
Wittkopp Louis, 24, Greenbush, Ply-
Witzel Carl, 32, Plymouth (50).
Witzel Fred., 17, Lyndon, Cascade(120).
Woerner Andrew, 3, Plymouth.
Woerner Louis, 3, Plymouth (120r).
Wolf August, hardw., Cascade.
Wolf Paul, blksmith, SilverCreek(19).
Wolf Caroline, 29, Sherman, Silver
Wolf Edward, 5, Plymouth.
Wolf George J., gen. store, Greenbush.
Wolf Jacob, 5, Plymouth (135).
Wolf Joseph, 30, Sherman, SilverCreek
Wolf Nicholas, hardware, SilverCreek.
Wolfert A., 18, 23, Holland, Oostburg.
Wolfert A. Mrs., 18, 23, Holland, Oost-
  burg (98).
Wolfert C., 29, Lima, Hingham (150).
Wolfert D., 29, Lima, Hingham.
Wolfert Isaac, 18, 23, Holland, Oost-
Wolfert Joe., 17, 23, Holland, Oostburg
Wolff George W., 22, Rhine (320).
Wolff Henry, postmaster, boots and
  shoes, Rhine.
Wolfgram Otto, 27, cheesemkr., Green-
Wolfinger J.. 8, Wilson, St. George(40).
Wolfinger J., 15, Lima, Sheb.Falls(80).
Wolfram Reinhard, 27, Sheboygan.
Wolgast Carl, 36, Rhine, Franklin (40).
Wolgast Clara Miss, 36, Rhine, Frank-
Wolgast Ottilie Miss, 36, Rhine,
Wollin Ferd., 34, Rhine, Elkhart (80).
Wollin Sophia Miss, 34, Rhine,Elkhart.
Wolter Max. 20, Mosel (80y.
Wonder J., 3, Lima, Sheb. Falls (83).
Wonser Fred., 9, Holland, Oostburg.
Wonser M. Miss, 9, Holland,Oostburg.
Wonser Mary Miss, 9. Holland, Oost-
Wonser Win.. 9,Holland,Oostburg(161).
Wood A. T., 31, Sheb. Falls, Plymouth
  (52,% r).
Woods J. Z., 29, Greenbush. Glenbeu-
  lah (120).
V oodworth J., 28, Sheb. Falls (80).
Woog Peter, Jr., hotel, Scott.
Worbes Herman, 29, Plymouth (40).
Worden George, 2, Scott (40).
Worden Martin, 2, Scott, Beechwood
Wordes H., 36, Lima, Oostburg (80).
Wordes.J. W., 36, Lima, Oostburg.
Wrege Carl, 3, Sheboygan (30).
Wrege Martin, lab., 3, Sheboygan.
Wright Washington, 17,Plymouth (30).
Wunsch Albert, 16, Mosel (107).
Wunsch Clara Miss, 16, Mosel.
Wunsch Edward, dairy, 8, Mosel (3).
Wunsch Laura Miss, 16, Mosel.
Wunsch Otto, assessor,10, Mosel(234-Y).
Wunsch Otto H., 29, Mosel.
Wunsch Theodore, 16, Mosel.
Wurm W. Z., 31, Greenbush, St. Cloud.
Wyland Theodore, 34, Holland, Dacada
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