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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan, 1897-98

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 115

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Case W. E., 25, Greenbush, Glenbeu-
  lah (70).
Case W. F., 31, Rhine, Glenbeulah (160).
Cassin Ant., 8, Sherman, Adell (62).
Chambers Henry, 36, Mitchell, Cascade
Chandler A. Mrs., 36, Plymouth, Sheb.
Chandler Willis, 36, Plymouth, Sheb.
  Falls (70r).
Chaplin G., school teacher, 7, 23, Hol-
  land, Oostburg.
Chaplin H. A., cheesemfr., 32, Ply-
Chapman Chas., Greenbush.
Chapman Clinton, Greenbush.
Chapman L. Mrs., Greenbush (35).
Chapman Nelson, cheesemkr., Green-
Chapman William, Greenbush.
Chase James, 30, Sheboygan (4).
Cheatle H., Glenbeulah.
Cheatle H. Mrs., 34, Greenbush, Glen-
  beulah (70).
Cheatle Hiram, 34, Greenbush, Glen-
Cheatle Jas., 34, Greenbush, Glen-
Christy John, 36, Lyndon, Cascade.
Clarbrut John, 18, 23, Holland, Oost-
Clarbrut Peter, 18, 23, Holland, Oost-
Clark E., 28, Greenbush, Glenbeulah.
Clark E. F., 20, Cascade.
Clark Fay, 28, Greenbush, Glenbeulah
Clark G. W., 20, Lyndon, Cascade.
Clark Jno., 8, Greenbush.
Clark S. B., 8, Greenbush (80).
Clarke R. Mrs., 15, Mitchell, Cascade.
Clauss Adolph, 27, Scott, Boltonville
Clay Peter, lab.. 27, Sheboygan.
Clemens Anna Miss, 36, Rhine, John-
Clemens Charles, 36, Rhine, Johnson-
  ville (30).
Clemens Emma Miss, 36, Rhine, John-
Clemens Mary Miss, 36, Rhine, John-
Clement Martin, 11, Sheboygan (8).
Clement Morris, 28, Lyndon, Waldo.
Clement Nelly, 11, Sheboygan.
Cleveland Creamery Co., 9, Mosel.
Cleveland Eliza Miss, Waldo.
Clifford Dan., hotel, Waldo.
Clifford John, 8, Scott, Beechwood (79).
Clifford Timothy, 5, Scott, Beechwood
Cobb Alvin, 30, Lima, Hingham.
Cobb L., 31, Lima, Hingham.
Cobb R., 31, Lima, Hingham (77).
Coin Eli, 26, Holland, Cedar Grove.
Cole C., 9, Holland, Hoard.
Cole Maria E. Miss, 7, Greenbush.
Cole G. B., Greenbush.
Cole J. N., 7, Greenbush (80).
Cole John, 9, Holland, Hoard.
Cole Mary Miss, 9, Holland, Hoard.
Coller Lyman T., physician and drug-
  gist, Hingham.
Collins Charles, 20, Plymouth.
Collins E. C., 20, town assessor, Ply-
  mouth (33).
Collins Frank, 33, Plymouth.
Collins James, 26, Mitchell, Cascade
Colwell C. L. Mrs., 16, Lyndon, Waldo.
Colwell Edw., 34, Lyndon, Waldo (80).
Colwell W., 34, Lyndon, Waldo.
Coming Harvey, Lyndon, Waldo.
Coney Peter, lab., 7, Wilson, Sheb.
Conger E. A., 30, Greenbush (70).
Conger Eph., 31, Greenbush (60).
Conger Eugene, 6, Mitchell, Rathbun
Conger Hattie Miss, 6, Mitchell, Rath-
Conger R., 7, Greenbush.
Connell J. B., tray. agent, 14, Waldo.
Connell Jos., 32, Greenbush, Rathbun
Connors James, 8, Mitchell, Pius.
Connors Julia Miss, 8, Mitchell, Pius.
Connors Michael, 8, Mitchell, Pius
Connors Patrick, 29, Mitchell, Parnell
Conrad Alwine Miss, 15, Mosel.
Conrad Charles, Mosel.
Conrad H., 10, Russel, Elkhart (80).
Conrad Henry, 15, Mosel (88).
Conrad Herman, 8, Mosel.
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