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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan, 1897-98

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 107

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  Telephone 24. RlIiIi~I HAT J~IIIII* Measure.
Arpke Simon Jr., 20 Herman, Frank-
  lin (78).
  Arpke Simon Sr., 21, Herman, Frank-
  lin (120).
  Arthur J., 8, Holland, Adell, (40).
  Arthur James, 5, Holland, Adell (69).
  Ashby Frank, 28, Sheboygan (40).
  Ashby Hattie Miss, 28, Sheboygan (6).
  Ashby William, 28, Sheboygan (36).
  Ashcroft Hiram, 34, Sheb. Falls (80).
  Athrop Caroline Miss, 20, Mosel.
Atbrop Dora Mrs., 20, Mosel.
Athrop Robert, 20, Mosel (120).
Atkin Albert, 26, Lyndon, Waldo.
Atkin Henry, carp., Waldo.
Atkin Thomas, 26, Lyndon, Waldo (86).
Aufreiter Frank, tailor, St. George.
Augustin Chas., 18, Mosel (70).
Augustin Henry, 21, Mosel.
Augustin John, 21, Mosel (102).
Augustin Louis, 18, Mosel.
Aukland William, 12, Lyndon, Waldo
Aupperle George, cheesemkr., 33, Scott,
  Boltonville (80).
Aupperle John, cheesemkr., 32, Scott,
Austin George, 7, Lyndon, Cascade.
Austin H. E.. 7, Lyndon, Cascade (280.)
Austin H. J., 31, Rhine, Glenbeulah
Avery B. F., 16, grist mill, Greenbush.
B AAR J. H., 2, Lima, Sheb. Falls.
     Bachmann Henry, 6, Wilson,
  Sheboygan Falls (20j.
Back Anna, (wid. Peter) 29, Wilson,
  Oostburg (801.
Back C., 27, Greenbush. (120).
Back E., Greenbush.
Back John, 13, Lima, Sheboygan Falls
Back Peter, 12, Greenbush (60).
Back Wi., 25, Lima, Gibbsville (90).
Backhaus Charles, 19, Scott, Beech-
Backhaus Charles, 26, Scott (79).
Backhaus F. A., 30, Sherman, Silver
  Creek (154r).
Backhaus Fred., 19 and 20, Scott,
  Beechwood (235).
Backhaus Henry, 19, Scott, Beech-
Backhaus Henry, 30, Scott, New Fane.
Backhaus   Louisa Miss, 19, Scott,
Backhaus Win., 19, Scott, Beechwood.
Bade Joachim, 30, saloon, Sheboygan
  Falls, Plymouth.
Baer Alvine, 31, Sherman, Silver
Baer Herman, 31, Sherman, Silver
Baer Ida, 31, Sherman, Silver Creek.
Baer Katharine Mrs., 31, Sherman,
  Silver Creek (120).
Baer William, 31, Sherman, Silver
Baetz Edward, 28, Mosel (66).
Bahlow Chas., 5, Wilson, Sheboygan
  Falls (53).
Baivier Francis, wooden-shoe maker,
  St. Anna.
Baker C., Rathbun.
Baker John, 28, Greenbush, Rathbun
Baker Peter, 28, Greenbush, Rathbun
Baldwin Charlotte Mrs. 8, Plymouth.
Baldwin James, 8, Plymouth.
Baldwin Jessie Miss, 30, Lima, Hing-
Baldwin L. A. Miss, 8, Plymouth.
Baldwin Levi H., Hingham.
Balkins Jan, 6, 23, Holland, Oostburg.
Balkins N. J., auctioneer, 29, Sheboy-
  gan, Sheboygan Falls (166).
Ballard Ben., Hingham,
Balleberg Ernst, carp., 8, Mosel.
Ballhorn Fred., Cascade.
Bamford Ernst, 35, Plymouth (80).
Bammel Paul, 17, Sherman, Adell.
Barber C. E., carp., -Glenbeulah.
Barber James W., 6, Plymouth, Glen-
  beulah (74y2).
Barber John A., 6, Plymouth, Glen-
  beulah (742).
Barber Louisa, (wid. Myron) Glenbeu-
Barber M., 6, Plymouth, Glenbeulah.
Barber M. H., carp., Glenbeulah.
Barber Rebecca Miss, 6, Plymouth,
Barber W. A., 26, Lyndon, Waldo
Barber W. W., 23, Lyndon, Waldo.
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    Not to Fade, go to      FB.6081N Eighth St.

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