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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan, 1897-98

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 106

     For Nota     Work of all Kinds P     0'H. J.
                                        802-804 N. 8th St., 2d floor.
 Allmann Geo., 6, Lima, Waldo.    Arndt Augusta Miss, 20 Mosel.
 Allwardt John, 18, Plymouth, (80).  Arndt Chas., 2, Plymouth, Johnson-
 Allwardt Morris, 18, Plymouth.     ville.
 Alten Chr., 31, Sheb. Falls, Plymouth. Arndt Fred., 1, Plymouth, Johnson-
 Altenburger Fred., Rhine, Ada.     ville, (38).
 Altenburger Henry, 1, Rhine, Ada. Arndt Henry, 20, Mosel, (70).
 Altenburger Mrs. Jac., 1, Rhine, Ada. Arndt 0. H., physician, Glenbeulah.
 Altenburger John, 1, Rhine, Ada. Arndt R. W., 10, Sheboygan.
 Altenhofer Barbara, Sherman, Adell. Arndt Wm. Mrs., 2, Plymouth, John-
 Altenhofer John, Sherman, Adell.   sonville (60).
 Altenhofer Mary, Sherman, Adell. Arndt William, 10, Sheboygan.
 Altenhofer Nic.,hotel and saloon, Sher- Arndt William, 20, Mosel.
 man, Adell.                      Arndt W. K., 10, grist mill, Sheboy-
 Alton August, 24, Plymouth (57).  gan.
 Altschwager Fr., 14, Herman, Howard Arnhoelder Carl Jr., 16, Herman,
 (64).                             Franklin.
 Alves Heinrich, 30, Sheb. Falls, Ply- Arnhoelder Carl Sr., 16, Herman.
 mouth.                            Franklin, (145),
 Alves Hugo, cheese fact., 4, Sheb. Arnhoelder Wm., 16, Herman, Frank-
 Falls, Johnsonville.              lin.
 Alves Ida Miss, Sheb. Falls, Plymouth. Arnholdt Fred., Greenbush.
 Alves L., 30, Sheb. Falls, Plymouth Arnold Elsie, Glenbeulah.
 (97).                            Arnold R. G., prop. Heins Hotel, Glen-
 Alves Otto, 30, Sheb. Falls, Plymouth.  beulah.
 Ambelang Moritz, boots and shoes, Arnoldi Adele Miss, 11, Sheb. Falls.
 Cascade (11%).                   Arnoldi August Jr., 11, Sheb. Falls.
 American Hotel, Jos. W. Kilb, prop., Arnoldi Aug., 11, Sheb. Falls (160).
 Sherman, Adell.                  Arnoldi Carl W., farm impl., Howard.
 American House, H. J. Brecht, prop., Arnoldi Frida Miss, 11, Sheb. Falls.
 Cedar Grove.                     Arnsbrock D., 22, Herman, Howard (80)
 American House, J. P. Carroll, prop., Arnsbrock Dietrich, 22, Herman, How-
 Sherman, Random Lake.             ard.
 Anderson John, 36, Mitchell, Cascade Arnsbrock Sophie Miss, 25, Herman,
 (40).                             Howard.
 Anderson William, Rhine, Elkhart (80). Arnsen G. H., 25, Lima, Gibbsville (78).
 Andre John Jr., 28, Plymouth.    Arnsen J., 36, Lima, Gibbsville.
 Andre John, 28, Plymouth, (80).  Arntseh A. J., 27, Greenbush.
 Andre Joseph, 28, Plymouth.      Arpke Bros. (Otto and Fred.), saw and
 Andre Mary Miss, 28, Plymouth.    flour mill, Franklin.
 Andrus Bros., creamery, 9, Lyndon, Arpke C. F. Sr., 20, Franklin.
 Winooski (160).                 Arpke Emilie Miss, 20, Herman,
 Andrews Ed., 9, Plymouth (80).    Franklin.
 Ardts Jac., 24, Lima, St. George (80). Arpke Fred. Jr., miller, 19, Franklin
 Ardts John, 24, Lima, St. George. (20).
 Arendt Fred., 11, Scott (80).   1 Arpke Fred. (Arpke Bros.), 19 Franklin
 Armstrong Chas., lab., Glenbeulah.  Arpke Meta Miss, 20, Herman, Frank-
 Armstrong D. J., 11, Lyndon, Waldo lin.
 (80r).                          Arpke Meta Miss, 21, Herman, Frank-
 Armstrong Jos., 36, Lyndon, Hingham.  lin.
 Arndt Aug. Jr., 8, Scott, Beechwood Arpke Otto, Franklin (40).
 (81).                           Arpke Otto (Arpke Bros.), 19, Franklin.
Arndt August, 36, Rhine, Johnsonville, Arpke Rich., 20, Herman, Franklin.
                                     '. They Run Easy.
          W c~des    at   GerndIS           704 N. Eighth St.

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