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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan, 1897-98

[Sheboygan city directory: V],   pp. 265-269

Page 266

For Fire, Life, Accident,INSURANCE go to H. J. NEUENS,
PlateGlass and CasualtC        802-804 X. 8th St., 2d floor.
    VAN                  266                VER
Van Akkeren John, ship carpenter, res. 922 Dillingham
Van Beek Edward, lab., res. 1123 Ontario ave.
Van de Loo Jacob, lab., res. s. s. Indiana ave., w. city
Van de plasse Jac., lab., res. 1583 Blocki court.
Vanderbloemen Henry, res. 621 N. 8th, 2nd floor.
Vanderbloemen Theodore, engineer, res. 2217 S. 8th.
Vanderlaun A., lab., res. 1209 S. 8th.
Vanderlaun Lucie, dom., 623 New York ave.
Vanderlaun Sam., lab., res. 1209 S. 8th.
Van der Pyn Abraham, tanner, res. 1528 N. 5th.
Vanderwaard Frank, res. 1419 S. 9th.
Vanderward John, life saving station, res. 537 Center ave.
Van der Weele Anton, lab., res. 829 Indiana ave.
Van der Weele John, lab., res. 2526 N. 6th.
Vanderyacht Cornelius, carver, res. 831 Ontario ave.
Van de Vartte John, life saving station.
Van de Wall Jacob, lab., res. 1035 Indiana ave.
Vandre Clara Miss, res. 1603 Alabama ave.
Vandre Charles, lab., res. 1603 Alabama ave.
Van Dyke John, lab., res. 815 Niagara ave., rear.
Van Ess, James, lab., res. 1106 N. 10th.
Van Ess Katie, dom., 1230 N. 7th.
Van Griethuysen Marius, lab., res. 1016 Union ave.
Van Tereith Gilles, lab., res. 1510 S. 12th.
VAN TREECK       JACOB P. Rev., pastor St. Peter
  Claver church, res. 1436 S. 11th.
Van Treeck Maria Miss, res. 1436 S. 11th.
VAN VLASSELAER J. F. Rev. Dr., pastor Christ-
  ian Science, res. 1626 N. 11th.
Varaneau Zacharie, lab., res. 809 Clara ave.
Vearheilig Casper, res. 1515 N. 11th.
Velir Win., lab., res. 1016 Erie ave.
Venderburg Win., lab., res. 605 N. 5th.
Venneberg John, white washer, res. 915 N. 4th.
Venneberg Wilhelmine L. (wid. Charles), res. 838 N. 5th.
VerDien Jacob, lab., res. cor. Mead ave. and S. 9th.
Verduin Elizabeth, dom., 824 Virginia ave.
Verduin Jennie, dom., 629 N. 5th.
Verhulst Abraham, lab., res. 1016 Erie ave., rear.
Verhulst Cornelius, lab., res. 917 High ave.
Jacob Gerend Furnishing Undertaker,
       Jaco Ge    end       704 N. Eighth Street.

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