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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan, 1897-98

[Sheboygan city directory: U],   p. 265

[Sheboygan city directory: V],   pp. 265-269

Page 265

Buy Your Boots and Shoes at Ehrhardt's Shoe Store,
    UDE                 265               VAN
 UDELL C. E. & Co. (C. E. Udell, T. F. Jones and A. D.
     De Land), cheese dealers, S. Water, 1 s. New York
Ueber Charles L., cigars and tobacco, 506 N. 8th, res same.
Uecker Fred., lab., res. 2225 S. 14th.
Uecker Gottfried, lab., res. 2225 S. 14th.
Uecker Louis, lab., res. 1134 Broadway ave.
Uecker Wilhelmine (wid. Louis), res. 1134 Broadway ave.
Uermke August, tanner, res, 1337 Geele ave.
Uhl Conrad, lab., res. 1504 Indiana ave.
Uhl Margaret (wid. Casper), res. 416 S. 14th.
Uhl Natalie (wid. Friedrich), res. 1303 S. 7th.
Uhl Sophie Miss, res. 416 S. 14th.
Uhrig Joseph, lab., res. 1612 N. 12th.
Uhrig Leo, lab., res. 919 Huron ave., 2nd floor.
ULLRICH     CHARLES, prop. Owl saloon, 813
  Michigan ave., res. same. N. tel. 301, W. tel
Ulrich Charles, lab., res. 1328 N. 9th.
Ulrich Charles, lab., res. 910 New York ave.
Ulrich Henry W. (Ulrich & Blom), res. 910 New York ave.
Ulrich & Blom (Henry W. Ulrich and Peter J. Blom), bar-
  bers, 613 N, 8th.
Ulsamer Michael, lab., res. 1910 N. 10th.
Ulrich res. 1328 N. 9th.
Undesser Franziska Mrs., res. 807 Indiana ave.
Undesser Theodore, lab., res. 1423 Colorado court.
Urban Michael, tanner, res. 11.14 N. 10th.
Urner Frank, lab., res. 1317 Georgia ave.
  W. Leberman, 715 Center ave.
U. S. Life Saving Station, foot of Pennsylvania ave.
Usadel Christian, lab., res. 1819 N. 9th.
Usadel William, tailor H. Imig & Co., res. 2303 S. 8th.
Utecht August, lab., res. 811 N. 4th.
Uttecht Frank, lab., res. 1407 Geele ave.
VAN AKKEREN Anna, dom., 827 Jefferson ave.
     Van Akkeren Jacob, lab., res. 1135 Ontario ave.
Van Akkeren John, lab., res. 1410 Alabama ave.
Headquarters for Pillsbury's Best, Sm"X GRASSNER
        34'N                             atr t

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