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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

[S],   pp. 224-257

Page 227

Best of Work. K[TBE)V1'S BG LIrN        y. Shirts to
  Telephone 24. KlOW N   S I RIHAT IAUMRI.    measure.
    SCH                   227                 SCH
 Scheele Henry, Sr., crockery and lamps, 710 N. 8th, res.
   1104 N. 9th.
 Scheer Emilie Miss, res. 1828 Superior ave.
 Scheer Frank, lab., res. 1022 Union ave.
 Scheer Hans, foreman Ph. Meyer Co. machine shop, res.
   1502 Superior ave.
 Scheer Henry, lab., res. 1828 Superior ave.
 Scheffler Charles, lab., res. 1220 Ontario ave.
 Scheffier Ferdinand, tanner, res. 1220 Ontario ave.
 Scheffier Julius, lab., res. 1111 Michigan ave.
 Scheffier Louise Mrs., res. 1111 Michigan ave., rear.
 Scheibe Christian, res. 917 N. 8th.
 Scheible Bertha, clk. H. C. Prange, res. 1116 Erie ave.
 Scheible John, lab., res. 1116 Erie ave.
 Scheinert Emil, apprentice Chas. H. Halbach, res. 1323 N.
 Schelk Christoph, res. 1011 Michigan ave.
 Schelk Herman, lab., res. 1411 Bluff ave.
 Scheler George, lab., res. 1330 N. 14th.
 Scheller Friederike (wid. Carl), res. 1234 Center ave.
 Scheller Louis, lab., res. 1234 Center ave.
 Scheller Rudolph, lab., res. 1234 Center ave.
 Scherer Friederike (wid. Peter), res. e. s. Koerner ave., w.
 city limits.
 Scherer John, lab., res. 1538 S. 12th.
 Scherer Joseph, lab., res. 1611 Calumet road.
 Scherer Nick., lab., res. 1533 S. 12th.
 Scherer Susanne (wid. Peter), res. 1711 N. 11th.
 Scherf Fred., agt. Illinois Staats-Zeitung, res. 1324 N. 11th.
 Scherhaufer Alois, lab., res. 2125 S. 14th.
 Schetter Joseph, lab., res. 1644 S. Division ave.
 Schetter Peter, lab., res. w. s. Mill road, 2 n. Calumet road.
 Scheuren Maria (wid. Matthew), res. 1114 Michigan ave.
 Schgeiner Anton, lab., res. 506 N. Water.
 Schichert Albert, lab., res. 1329 Alabama ave.
 Schieble Adelheid Miss, res. 1614 N. 8th..
 Schieble Albert, student, res. 1132 Huron ave.
 Schieble Casper, carp., res. 1316 N. 8th.
 Schieble Cennie Miss, res. 1614 N. 8th.
 Schieble John, Jr., lab., 'res. 1418 N. 11th.
 Schieble John, Sr., lab., res. 1418 N. 11th.
Schieble John B., carp., res. 1132 Huron ave.
For Good Work, Warranted  F       Sucesor to C. H. Halbach,
    Not to Fade, go to I      U B  606408 X. Eighth St.

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