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Rock County schools

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"One day a fireman stopped at the River Val-
ley School and asked us if we would help the
Janesville Fire Department. We were told that
if a fire started in our area around the school,
we should run to all the neighborhood pumps
and start pumping water as fast as we could.
The lack of water in the River Valley area was a
real hazard. We were just beyond the city lim-
its and the city fire department could only send
a small truck with a limited supply of water. It
would be our job to keep the tank full.
We never thought our chance would really come,
but about a year later someone ran into our
room and shouted, 'Start pumping!' We grabbed
all our pails, cans, and anything else that would
hold water, and ran as fast as we could. We
could see smoke coming  rom one of our pupil's
homes. Soon we were passing pails of water to
men who were filling the fire truck. It was a
real fire brigade!  Some of the boys threw
watei on the sides of the house, some carried
out furniture and clothing, and all were talking
like experienced firemen.
How proud we were when the firemen told
us that if it hadn't been for the River Valley
School children, a lot of the homes could have
gone up in smoke. I beiieve there was a lesson in
cooperation and a feeling of togetherness that
the children will never forget!"
Grace Knipp
"We at shopiere School will never forget the
first year we had our new gym. We had eight
grades in our school at that time, and each year
we held an eighth grade graduation exercise. It
was to be the first such exercise to be held in
the new gym, and a minister, whose son was a
member of the graduating class, was asked to
give the Invocation and the Benediction.
Before the program could get under way, how-
ever, another boy put itching powder down the
back of the minister's son. A great commotion
began among the graduating class and the min-
ister's son was seen to be making some very
odd motions. Our principal came quickly to the
rescue and sent him home to take a hasty show-
er. He was back in a few minutes and the pro-
gram got under way almost on time."
Mrs Victor Lantz
7     '1

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