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Rock County schools

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"Some of our happiest and most impressive
hours spent at the Howarth School were during
our 'Pet and Hobby Show," usually held on a
Friday in mid-Octobir. All participated. We had
judges and the winners received ribbons   as
awards. Many of the upper and middle grades
had prize-winning stock, which had been ex-
hibited at the 4-H Fair that year, while the lower
grade pupils showed their household and barn-
yard pets. Numerous childish hobbies were also
on display.
During the parade, all showed pride and
dignity in their undertaking. Our show furnish-
ed excellent follow-up work, both oral and writ-
ten, in our English classes."
Sadie Finnane        SIX CORNERS SCHOOL
"This embarrassing incident, which I'll never
forget, happened one day when Mr. Palmer
(speech correctionist) came to our school. He
had requested we have a table and a couple of
chairs in a place where there would be complete
silence to do his testing of individual pupils.
I had no choice as to where to place this table
and chairs (before the school building was re-
modeled). The only place, other than the main
classroom, was the school hall and there Mr.
Palmer did his testing.
After the testing period was over, he came
into our classroom, with a rather puzzled ex-
pression on his face. I then realized I had for-
gotten to apologize for the offensive odor coming
from inside the hall partitions. There we had
poured poison for mice the week previous. After
my apology, he good-naturedly replied, "I'm so
glad you told me, or I'd have gone from here
thinking every child. in Six Corners had halito-
Adeline Fanning

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