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Rock County schools

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"On my way home from Janesville Consolidat-
ed School one Friday afternoon, I noticed two of
my 8th grade boys walking along the highway
carrying an old-fashioned satchel. After inquir-
ing, I was told that they were on their way to
the bus station to visit their grandmother who
lived in Rockford. This, I knew was true.
After loading boys and satchel into my car,
I hurriedly drove them to the bus station, taking
care of them until they finally were on their way.
Later in the evening, after a telephone call from
police and parents, I was told that the boys had
run away from home. Imagine my embarrass-
ment, as a teacher, when the boys reported later
that Miss Monahan helped them "get out" of
town. I loved them just the same."
Kathryn Monahan
"The kindergarten had a two-egg incubator,
so eggs were purchased and we followed in-
structions given and put them in the incubator.
The water cup had to be filled and the eggs care-
fully turned several times each day. The light
bulb used was a 7-watt. We had to be very care-
ful around the incubator and be sure that the
dome was in place at all times. Our efforts paid
off, as exactly 21 days later a tiny pick hole was
discovered in each egg. Excitement reigned that
day, as this was what we had waited for. As
added picks and cracks were made, there was
more excitement. At 9:30 one chick was out of
the shell. The children from the lower grades
came in to share our experience. The other chick
waited until 3:00 before it popped out of its
shell, so the afternoon children had the same
experience. We have learned much and some of
the teachers did not know that a chick has a
picking tooth which it losses after birth."
Elizabeth H. Chatfield
"The Mothers' Club sponsors a trip every
year for the Lima school children. The trips to
the Zoo are enjoyed to the utmost."
Margaret Collins
"The Safety Council was an active school or-
ganization in the Milton Graded School by the
year 1948. I was proud of the boys and girls of
the upper grades-6th through 8th-and the
democratic way in which they carried on their
work. Voting by ballot, they elected their offi-
cers from the 7th and 8th grades. At the Coun-
cil meetings, the officers conducted a very com-
mendable business meeting. All seemed to be
proud to wear their belts and badges and to
carry out their duties on their assigned posts.
They were very helpful to their school. Teach-
ers and parents appreciated their faithfulness."
Marjorie J. Burdick

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