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Rock County schools

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"The children were studyirtg a unit on owls.
Their unit became more meaningful when they
discovered a Snowy Owl in the schoolyard.
"Hooty," a very saucy owl was later given his
Margaret Collins
"In the fall of 1957 I began teaching at Utters
Corners School. There was a new addition being
added to the one room, which included a class-
room, restrooms, hallway and hot lunch room.
It wasn't completely finished when school start-
ed. I think I will always remember the first day
there. The other teacher and I taught fifty-nine
pupils in the one room. When the day was over
we were exhausted and had many unsolved
problems. Who should come to our rescue, but
Mr. Upson. As he was passing, he stopped to
see how we were getting along. Was he a wel-
come guest! We were very grateful and happy;
he had thought of us on that first day. He helped
us with, many of our problems. In a very short
time, we moved into the new addition."
Mrs. Esther Douglas
"I often think of the cold, winter morning in
February. It had snowed the night before, mak-
ing the roads almost impassable. My teacher
friend and I made an attempt to get to our re-
spective schools. She let me out on County Trunk
A at Johnstown, to walk through the snow to
Ruger Avenue Road, where Wehler School was
located. Little did I realize the distance from
road to road, until I started walking. After going
over a knoll, and seeing what was ahead of me,
I was ready to turn around and go back, but my
friend had gone on, which left me no other alter-
native than to keep on walking. I was carrying
a gallon pail of cocoa for refreshments for our
Valentine party that afternoon.
A farmer saw me trudging through the snow,
and feeling sorry for me, no doubt, gave me a
ride to school on the fender of his tractor, which
he was using at the time. I was afraid of falling
off, but was grateful for the ride. Upon my ar-
rival at the school, the fire in the old furnace
was out. After getting it started, I managed to
organize myself and get set for the day. How
different it is today!"
Florence Brown
"When I meet any of the pupils who attended
the Belding School 'while I was teaching there,
they always ask, 'Do you remember the soup we
used to make?' And how well I do remember it!
Each child would bring his contribution- a po-
tato, an onion, a carrot, other vegetables, some
soup stock or a juicy soup bone. Before classes
began, the vegetables were cut and put into a
big kettle on top of the oil burner in the center
of the room. The pleasant aroma of the soup
cooking all morning made studying seem much
easier for some reason. And what a treat it was
at noon for each child to have a bowl of flavor-
ful vegetable soup which he himself had helped
to prepare."              Rachel Teubert
"We always enjoyed the beauty of Turtle Creek
near the Creek Side School, but perhaps the time
that we enjoyed it most, was during the winter.
When the creek was frozen, the children would
bring their skates to school and we would skate
during the noon hour. Even the primary children
knew how to skate."
Neleta ritus

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