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Rock County schools

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"It was on June 26, 1955, that the Hickory
Grove School closed its doors for the last time to
make way for educational progress. Mothers and
fathers, their children and grandchildren, friends
and teachers gathered for a reunion. A grand
time was had by all who came to renew acquain-
tances with their old friends. Manjy former
teachers were on hand to greet their pupils of
years past. To make the day complete, letters
were read from those who were unable to at-
Mrs. Rae Pace
"My first years of teaching were at Prairie
View School. I stayed at the R. J. Locke home
and walked to school. One morning as I arrived
at school, I noticed a person's tracks going into
the school, but none leaving the building. Too
frightened to enter the building alone, I went
back to get Mr. Locke. He accompanied me back
to school and we searched the building, but found
no one. However, all day I was suspicious of the
slightest noise."
Kathleen Moran
"The children of the Smithton School and I
became interested in the history of our school
district. One amusing incident that we learned
about from interviewing an older member of
our district, was the trouble caused by one mem-
ber of the board. He ordered single seats instead
of double stats and when the seats arrived, many,
people were angry because books were costly
and they wanted their children to share them.
During an argument at a district meeting which
followed, the purchaser of the seats got up,
blew out the kerosene lamp leaving everyone in
the dark, and then walked home. The single seats
were removed and placed along the board fence
where they were left until they rotted away.
Neleta Titus
"A first grader brought a picture to my desk
and after a few subtle questions I found out
it was a cow. He said, 'Mrs. Hatton, is this a
steah (steer) or a heifah (heifer) ?' Taken by
surprise, I said, 'Well, I think it should be a
heifer.' 'All right,' said Marvin, 'I just wanted
to know. Now I'll put the milkers on!"
Evelyne Hatton

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