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Rock County schools

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"Austin School, under another name, was
established in the late 1860's. It was unbelievably
small and inexpensive by present-day standards.
Not too long afterwards, a larger building was
erected. This, with much remodeling, became
the Austin School we knew. One pleasant mem-
ory is the cozy noontime lunches on a cold day.
A former pupil remarked recently, 'No baked
potatoes in all the world will ever taste as good
as those we baked on the inner ledge of the old
coal-burning furnace at Austin School.' "
Beulah Kloften
"One of the most anticipated events was the
annual field trip.  The Wisconsin Dells was
chosen as our destination this time and what
fun it was. We chartered a school bus and many
high school students and mothers joined us for
the excursion. It was a day long to be remem-
Mary Roberts
"My teaching career began at Leyden. My
days there were of a historical note to me. Both
my mother and grandmother attended the Ley-
den School. My grandmother later was a direc-
tor on the Leyden school board. The appearance
of the school never changed much, but a base-
ment was later constructed under the school."
Ruth Pennycook
"Excitement ran high at Riverside School as
children hurried home at noon to get their pets
for the afternoon pet show. A show ring had
been staked out with borrowed clotheslines, dec-
orated with gay colored paper pennants. Speeches
about the pets had been prepared and printed
ribbons as prizes had been donated for the big
All in one grade were to show at one time,
beginning with the little first grade children.
How proudly each displayed his pet, and all went
well until the sixth grade appeared with theirs.
One litte girl had brought her dog-a pointer-
and explained how he pointed out birds for her
father when he was hunting. We were so inter-
ested watching the beautiful poised animal point
as sh.e talked that we didn't relaize his inten-
tions, until there was a flip of his head-a
scream-and there lay a speckled banty rooster
at his feet-the neighboring child's pet-life-
less! Tragedy had struck! A pause and then
chaos! Children sobbed, dogs barked, and the
joy of having a pet show was past! Finally, the
loser was comforted, peace restored, but some-
how, pet shows have never appealed to me since."
Helen Seward
To recall Old Johnstown is to remember the
children who were in attendance. Although a
small group (they numbered 15) they were an
outstanding group.
Our big boys broke the record for the broad
jump at County Play Day.    Almost the entire
group excelled in vocal, dramatic and intellectual
ability. At least 95 percent gradbated from var-
ious high schools and ten that I know of are
either in attendance or have completed college.
One of our boys was valedictorian at both high
school and college level. One of our girls won
the "Voice of Democracy" contest in national
competition and has been active in the field of
drama in the East. Another boy has established
and is successfully running his own business,
others are farming, and as far as I know all
have developed into citizens contributing to the
good of their individual communities.
It was a joy and a privilege to have had some
small part in the education of those children."
Mrs. Ruth Welcher

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