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Rock County schools

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"In 1952 the second room was added onto
Ruble School and in 1956 two acres of land
were purchased from Mr. Kenucane and four
rooms were added. At this time the name Ruble
was changed to Kenucane. Up until 1956, one
dollar a year was paid for the use of the land
on which Ruble School stood."
Catharine Long
"In this day of segregated-age levels, it is
unlikely to imagine eighth graders having "a
ball" in activities with first graders. When we
bought a square dance album, it was thrilling and
quite amazing to see how quickly the primary
group understood  the complicated  alemande
rights and lefts as they joined the formations
with the older children. The call, 'Swing your
partner,' was all but.lost in the squeals of de-
light as little Daphne and David were twirled
right off their feet by oversized partners. These
were days when the minutes allotted to musical
activities had a happy way of running overtime."
Leona Jones
"We always had a large enrollment. I shall nev-
er forget the morning six new pupils came when
we already had thirty-nine. Over the weekend a
wall was put down the middle of the room and
another teacher hired. On Monday, we had great
confusion and juggling of materials to begin.
One of our highlights was making a history of
our school. We found we had the fifth generation
of children attending our school from the fam-
ily who had called the first school meeting. We
had great fun dramatizing for the parents a
school meeting of the year 1866."
Ruth Martin

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