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Ross, James, 1830-1884 / Wisconsin and her resources for remunerating capital and supporting labor

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The season of 1869 was one of an excellent stage of water du-
ring the entire season, and the winter of 1870 promises well.
    Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
                         TIMOTHY ATKINSON,
                                        Lumber Irnspector.
                       Third District.
  Scaled and manufactured into lumber, lath and shingles, on
the main Chippewa district, No. 3, 59,298,145. Manufactured
on the Menoimcnic river in said district, estimated, 50,000,000.
Manufactured on the Eau Galla, in said district, estimated,
10,000,000. Making the total amount manufactured, 119,298,145.
  Rafted to Wilkins' Island boom, at Eau Claire, and run to
market in log, 1,178,863. Rafted at Beef Slough boom, and run
to market in log, 30,609,664. Total amount rafted, 31,988,527.
  Making the total amount manufactured and rafted, season of
1869, district No. 3, 151,086,672.
  All of which is respectfully submitted.
                                  GEO. W. DEMING,
                                         Lumber Inspector.
                       Fourth Digtrict.
  The amount of logs scaled at this office during the year ending
January 1st, 1870, is eight million (8,000,000) board measure;
that I have surveyed no other timber or lumber at this office.
  All of which is respectfully submitted.
                             WILLIAM J. VINCENT,
                                         Lumber Inspector.
                        Sixth DiStrict.
   Total amount of logs scaled in this district, during the year
 previous to the date of this report (64,813,119 feet,) sixty-four
 million, eight hundred and thirteen thousand, one hundred and
 nineteen feet board measure; the same having been manufactured
 into lumber.
                                  HENRY L. GATES,
                                          -Lumber Inspector.
   During the season of 1870, 433,164,19 feet of logs were scaled
 in Chippewa connty.
                       *eventh Diskrit.
   During the year 1869, there were sealed in lumber district No.
 7, thirty-nine millions, five Jhundred-andt hirty-six thousand, four
 hundred and eighty-five (t9,536,485) feet of pine saw logs, all of
 which were manufactured into lumber at Eau Claire and vicinity;

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