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Ross, James, 1830-1884 / Wisconsin and her resources for remunerating capital and supporting labor

Wisconsin and her resources,   pp. [5]-16 PDF (2.7 MB)

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  The State Legislature has apportioned some of the above riv-
ers into lumber districts, as follows:
  " For the purpose of inspecting and regulating the survey and
measurement of logs, timber and lumber in this State, the Wis-
consin river and its tributaries are hereby constituted and created
a lumber district, to be known and called lumber district No. 1;
the Black river and its tributaries as district No. 2; the Chippe-
wa and its tributaries, as far up as the northern boundary line of
Eau Claire county, excepting the Eau Claire river and its tribu-
taries, district No. 3; the St. Croix river and its tributaries; as
district No. 4; Green Bay and such of its tributaries as are
within this State, save and except Lake Winnebago and its trib-
utaries, as district No. 5; so much of the Chippewa river as lies
above the northern boundary line of the county of Eau Claire,
together with the tributaries emptying into said portion of the
Chippewa river, as district No. 6; the Eau Claire river and its
tributaries, as district No. 7; the Red Cedar river and its tribu-
taries, within the county of D~allas, as district No. 8; and the
Chippewa river below the village of Durand, and Beef Slough
from the Chippewa river to the Mississippi river, and thence
along the Mississippi river to the mouth of Trempeleau river,
as district No. 9."
  The following reports of the lumber inspectors that reported
for the season of 1869, to the Legislature of 1870, show the
productions of all of these districts, except four.
                       &cond DiAtrict.
  Amount of logs scaled at mouth of Black river, 167,573,890;
amount of lumber from upper Black river, 8,000,000; amount of
sqnuare timber from upper Blacks river, 2,000,000. Total feet,
  There has been of lumber manufactured on Black river, in my
district, 29,500,000 feet, of which 19,500,000 feet were manu-
factured at the.mouth, and 10,000,000 on upper Black river, of
which last item 2,000,000 was square timber.
  There has been of shingles manufactured in my district, 13,-
000,000, of wichy 8,000,000 were manufactured at the mouth and
5,000,000 on upper river.
  There has been of lath manufactured in this district, 8,000,000,
of which 5,000,000 were manufactured at mouth and 3,000,000
on upper river.

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