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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Appendix to report of forestry division. Forest fire plan,   pp. [121]-138 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 129

                          BIENNIAL     REPORT                        129
    "The county clerk shall transmit the original oath and copy of the
 warrant to the secretary of state, who shall audit such claim, and one-
 half thereof shall be paid out of the general fund of the state treasury
 warrant issued by the secretary of state upon the state treasurer in favor
 of the county which paid such claimant. However, no county shall
 expend more than five thousand dollars under this act in any one year."
   At the last session of the legislature further provision was made for
 years of "a sum sufficient for the protection from forest fires of
any lands
 owned by the state north of town 33." Under this law specific amounts
 can be obtained from the state treasury for payment of fire fighters upon
 a written order of the Governor. This law applies to the protection of
 state lands only.
                        - PREVENTION.
   Prevention of fires is essential in a protective system. If the causes
 fires can be eliminated, or partially eliminated, and there is every reason
 to believe they can be, the risks and the cost of protection will decrease
 accordingly. For the prevention of forest fires the following measures
 have been adopted on the protected area:
     1. Cleaning up slashings and fire traps.
     2. Posting of fre notices and warnings.
     3. Directing of tourists.
     4. Printed and personal appeals.
     5. Apprehension of persons setting fires.
     6. Improvement of spark arresting devices.
     7. Record of fires.
Cleaning up slashings andfire traps.
   Each ranger and patrolman is expected, during his regular work, to
locate and map all slash areas within his district, and at a favorable time,
usually in the fall when the frost covers the ground in the morning, to
systematically burn these fire traps. The fiercest and most destructive
fires are caused by the uncontrolled burning of old slashings, and as long
as such areas exist, there will be great danger of fires. The burning of
these slashings during a time when fires will not run, and the systematic
control of the work greatly reduces the danger. In this manner hundreds
of acres of old slash have been cleaned up on the protected area.
Posting of fire notices and warnings.
  For the guidance and instruction of all persons within the protected
area regarding forest fires, signs and posters are placed at conspicuous
places, such as trails, crossroads, railroad stations, camping sites, school
houses and summer resorts. These signs are informal and appeal to the
reader to aid in preventing fires, or to extinguish them in all cases, because
of the destruction or endangering of property or natural resources. Each
spring signs of this type are posted, bearing new designs and instructions,
in order that the fire danger for that year may be refreshed in the minds
of the people of the protected region. These signs and posters are very
effective in calling attention to the fire danger, and in constructive educa-
tion of all who visit the lake region regarding the real status of forest

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