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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Appendix to report of forestry division. Forest fire plan,   pp. [121]-138 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 125

  The problenm of fire protection is to organize a force of men sufficiently
trained and active to prevent the destruction by fire of property within
their respective districts. There will always be some fires, the number
depending upon the dryness of the season, the number of tourists within
the protected area, etc.. and therefore the effectiveness of the protective
force in fire prevention will vary with the season. Fire protection is neces-
sary from April 1 to December 1, which is considered the fire season. All
other activities are subordinate during that period. Careful attention is
given to weather conditions, so that during a dry time the various districts
can be more carefully patrolled and protected.
Protected area..
  The area considered in this plan includes about 74 townships. It is
the duty of the protective force not only to protect all tangible property,
whether public or private, but also as far as possible, the natural beauty
of the region from all destructive agencies.
  Within this area the state is aided in protective work during the fire
season by:
  1. Federal cooperation.
       9 forest fire patrolmen
  2. C. & N. W. railroad.
        I or 2 forest fire patrolmen.
  3. C. H. Ferry estate.
        1 forest fire patrolman.
  4. Lumber companies within the region.
  5. Indian service.
  A lookout tower has been erected on the reservation and it is
hoped that the officials will enter into active cooperation with the state
during the season of 1916.
  The patrolmen mentioned above work under the supervision of the
Conservation Commission, and receive their pay through the Commission.
  The following companies, which own large tracts of land within the fire
protective area, are carrying on lumbering operations, and have walking
bosses, foremen and other employes going over their timberlands:
    Forster-Mueller Lumber Co.,                   Hiles, Wis.
    Hackley-Phelps-BonneU Lumber Co.,        Phelps, Wis.
    Brooks & Ross Lumber Co.,                     Schofield, Wis.
    A. H. Stange Lumber Co.,                      Merrill, Wis.
    Turtle Lake Lumber Co.,                       Winchester, Wis.
    Vilas County Lumber Co.,                      Winegar, Wis.
  The state does not assign any patrolmen to service on these lands.
However, the patrolmen of the areas adjoining the lands owned by these

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