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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Devil's Lake Park,   pp. 95-97 PDF (691.8 KB)

Peninsula Park,   pp. 97-101 PDF (1018.5 KB)

Page 97

   The native flora is extremely varied and natural conditions will be main-
tained so that the botanist will find not only the species, but also the
ecological conditions under which they grow. River birch is found along
the lake shore, mixed hardwood stands occur on the higher land, large
white pines occupy the rocky slopes, and the tops of the bluffs are covered
with oak. The chief sports are boating, fishing, swimming and climbing.
Excellent sand beaches with a uniform and gradual slope are found at both
ends of the lake. Many of the visitors make a practice of climbing some
of the bluffs daily, and while the slopes are not nearly high enough to be
considered mountains, they are steep and rugged enough to make it ex-
tremely interesting if one deviates from the trails, as many do.
   Many permanent improvements are contemplated on the park. Its
usefulness as a playground has grown to a wonderful degree in the past
two years, and will increase rapidly in the future. The development of
roads, the repair of the hotel buildings and cottages, and the construction
of sanitary closets, at both ends of the lake, the installation of water
tems, and the general improvements of all playgrounds are planned. The
new road from the hotel east to the park boundary is practically complete
and will become a part of the state highway system, upon the completion
of the road from the east park boundary to the old road near Zauft's farm.
This new route will make the park easily accessible from the south and
east. Plans and estimates of costs of a road around the south end of the
lake will be made by engineers of the State Highway Commission.
Another project under consideration is the proper location of a' road at
the north end of the park. This route will also be surveyed with the idea
of cooperating with the town and city of Baraboo in selecting the most
suitable location. Another matter of the greatest importance is the pur-
chase of the three remaining properties bordering on the lake. One fifteen
acre tract at the north end is in process of condemnation. The other
two properties should be condemned and purchased. It is recommended
that $40,000 be appropriated to purchase these properties and the re-
mainder of the interior holdings within the Peninsula State Park.
                        PENINSULA PARK.
  Peninsula park is the largest of the state parks, containing approxi-
mately 3,240 acres, and is located on the Door county peninsula, between
Fish Creek and Ephraim. The remaining interior holdings, consisting of
woodlands and farms, amount to about 465 acres, and 10 lots and parcels.
One forty acre farm has recently been purchased at a cost of $650.00. The
state now has under option 160 acres of farm and woodland property, for
a price of $6,150.00, which upon the completion of the purchase will leave
a balance of about 300 acres and 10 lots and parcels to be added to the
park. It is estimated that the remaining interior holdings can be pur-
chased for S14,000.
  This land should be added to the state's holdings. The sums available
in the park purchase fund will undoubtedly be sufficient to pay for these
properties as they are offered for sale in the future.

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