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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Kalmbach, Albert
Paper read at meeting held with commercial fishermen at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, February 16, 1916,   pp. 38-42 PDF (1.0 MB)

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to maturity and good prices, but would slaughter the little pigs, the calves,
the colts and the wee chickens for a few cents because it was quick money
and he could not wait. Would you say he was a good candidate for the
foolish house?
  That is a parallel I am impelled to draw in order that I may impress
on your minds the necessity of changing our ways of business suicide. That
is the viewpoint I want to place before you. I have not overstated the
figures. I have understated them.
  If we were big cooperative brothers, helping one another, and some
ten to fifteen years ago adopted this Christmas spirit toward one another
would we be scratching our heads and wondering how soon the finishing
touches will be put to our business?
                       HATCHING PIKE EGGS
  The great State of Wisconsin has upon its statute books many laws
aimed at helping us fisherrnen. This department of laws has made mis-
takes due to the fact that the makers of the laws did not know our conditions
nor our possibilities. Particularly our possibilities. We had no means
of becoming closely associated, most of our fishermen looked upon these
laws and their officers as an institution interfering with their rights as
  Selfish ideas for easy money over-balances the great constructive game,
that of making a profession based upon fundamental principles of con-
tinuous existence and prosperity. Let us try to get legislation based on
practical ideas that mean the building up of the industry. Then let us
feel these laws are for us. You and me. Our future benefit. And we find
ourselves in a spirit of cooperation with these laws. We and our interests
are bound up with them, and when we see that, we become men in the
large sense, men who feel today's acts are tomorrow's results.

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