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Hatch, K. L. [1871-]; Kirkpatrick, E. L.; Trenk, F. B. / A proposed program for resettling isolated settlers now located in restriced [restricted] use districts in zoned counties in Wisconsin

VI. Relationship of rural resettlement division to other governmental agencies,   pp. 7-10 PDF (1011.4 KB)

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  '  Coonerntion After Resettlement.
         Continued cooveration rith the settler is necossnrr in order to
the best mwnnpgement nlnns designed to nroduce maximum income.  The rurnl
advisor onnA county *ogriculturnl agent -ill give snecial attention to this
nhrse of the nrogrnm.  An objective of 25 acres cleoredi nnd in use -ithin
tro years r'ill be sought.
3. Cooneration Faith Stnte Denartmonts in State Codes ant La-s.
        In the development of this resettlement nro-rnm the Rurnl 2esettloment
Division Tiill observe send conform to the regulntions established b- the
Wisconsin Conserv-tion Department for brush burning, the 7isconsin Industrinl
Commission General Orders on explosives and to the 1Torks Prorress Adminis_
tration in the employment of relief lhbor on eroject -ork.
4.  Cooperntion with other Division of the Resettlement Administrntion
        The Rurnl Resettlement Division -ill confer regularlv vith the
reoresentstivcs of the Lnnd Utilization Divrision engoged in the ontioninvi.
sub-msrginnl lpnds in Tisc'onsin.  It is nocessnrv thpt the Murkl Resettlement
Division staff be informed Ps to the nrogress of the lond retirement nroririm
in order that thes mor- kno- in P.dvsnco the resettlement needs of isoln'ted
fnmilies in each county.  It is equwll- irnortnnt that the st!,ff of the
tLnd Utilization Division be informed aL to the nrogrnm of the Rursl Re-
settlement Division.
5. Connerction with the College of Ag1riculture.
        It i nronosed that wherever it is necessary or desiroble to secure
specific assistance in order to carry out this nro,-ram that the Rur-l Re-
settlement Division rill consult riith members of the stnff of the University
of '7isconsin College of Agriculture and the Agriculturnl Extension Service.
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