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Hatch, K. L. [1871-]; Kirkpatrick, E. L.; Trenk, F. B. / A proposed program for resettling isolated settlers now located in restriced [restricted] use districts in zoned counties in Wisconsin

I. Basis of resettlement program,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (569.6 KB)

II. Agencies to function in resettlement activities in Wisconsin,   p. 2 PDF (285.2 KB)

III. Acquisition of resettlement properties,   pp. 2-4 PDF (825.5 KB)

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                                     -0 2 -
 ime being, will wish to rempain in their present location. There remains,
 herefore, less than one thousand isolated families (nnn-conforming users)
 ho now most urgently require resettlement.
        Recognizirg, therefore, the necessity for giving assistance in the
resettlement of these non-conforning users and the ntlvantage of the Wisconsin
Zoning Law in Preventing future wasteful settlements thereby making the expend-
iture of federal funds for resettlement nost effective, the Wisconsin Rural
Resettlement Division proposes to adopt the following program of Resettlement.
         (1)  Rural Resettlement Division to purchase sites for and
              develop resettlement f rms and homes, and to assist and
              supervise the relocated settler in the further develop-
              ment of his new property.
        (2)  Land Utilization Division of the resettlement Adrninistratinn
             to ourchase land and equities of present non-conforming settlers.
                  III.  ACQ'JISITION OF %S-vTTLgM NT P.-OPERTIES
1. Amount of Land Purchases - Procedure
        It is Prno'osed to nurchase apDroxinnately 48,000 acres of agricul-
turpl land consisting of 600 tracts averaging 80 acres each distributed through-
out the twonty zoned counties.  All lands considered for purchase would be
fully exanined, mnnuned nnd nmnyraised byr an rtneraisar assigned from the
Land Brnk before finnl selecti-n nend ourchnse for resettlement.  Ro.7ever
service night be Drovided bar the Land Utilization Division if it has nvailable
qualified personnel to do the work of exmnining, mrnping and annraising land
resettlement ournoses. This would eliminate the necessity for going outside
the Resettlemont Administration organization for such services.
        Purchase of land for resettlement nurDoses would be made in each
Northern Sunervisory District in the chronological order in which Counties
                            -.    ------- -7-. I - -
I --          WW

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