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Plat book of Dane County, Wisconsin: drawn from actual surveys and the county records

Patron's directory of Dane County, Wisconsin,   pp. [61]-71 ff.

Page 66

Conklin & Son ...... Dealers in Coai,Wood. Mendota Lake Tee. Salt. Cement, Stueeo,
White Litme, Ilair, aind Sewer Pipe. Coal Yard, 634 V. Mai
st, Iee Hlouse. 322 E. Gosham st. Ofliee, 111 S. 'inekney St.
Dane Abstract Co... C. P. Chapman, President. 109 S. Fairehil St.
Plane Co. Abstract Assoeiation. Charles N. Brown, President and Treasurer. Olaf J.
Rove. 107 W. Main St.
)ei ninger, Ceo ...... Proprietor Wisconsin " Staatz Zeitung."  Printer and Publisher.
117 E. Main st.
Dolemorat P'rinting Company.
Dickson, A. M ...... Proprietor"Hotel Ogden." Bath Rooms and Boats freeto guestsof
House. Rate, $2.00 per day. Between State Calitol and East
Madison Depot.
Podge. McClellan ... Civil Engineer and Survevor.
IPon. F. A. & Bro... Livery. Sale, and Boarding Stable. 121, 123 Monona ave.
]low. C. M. & Co.. Real Estate, Ioan, atid In sn ra nee Brokers.
Pow & Sons ........ Proprietor " Capital City Mills."  Capaeity 200 barrels per day.
1)unning & Sumner . Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 50 1'ineknev st.
Erdail.John L...... District Attorney for Dane County. Over Capital City Bank.
F. F. F. Steam LaIndry
Fairuhild, Iueius.
7 and 9 Main St.
Fauerbach's Brewery. MIXalsters and Brewers of Lager Beei'. Corner Williamson and
Blount Sts.
Favill. Henry B., M.D. Offices at 17 S. Pinckney st. and 309 Wisconsin ave.
Findhia. Alex ....... Groecries. Green Groceries, B'eadst ntrs, and Oils. 201, 203.
First N ational Bank.  nVayn l aiisey, Cashier.
Fisher, J.E ......... Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fine and Medium Furniture.
Largest stock and lowest prices in the city. 202. 2014, 206
1'inekiev st.
Fredrickson, N.. &Sons.  anulliclurers of Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stairs, Bra'ckets,
Casinigs. Mantels, Sideboards, Office Furniture, Lumher. Shin-
gles. Lath, Posts, faid Paper Monldings. All kinds of' Flooring
Iardwoods. l'urninig. Scroll, and Band Sawing, Matching, and
'Ilming. Jobbinga s Specialty. Estimates  oii rik given.
Fuller, Johnson Maitfact.turig Co. MIanii ufacturers of Mlowers, tRakes, two lorse Corn
Planters. one an( two horse Cultivators, twol three, and fonor
horse walking and riding Steel Plows. Tobaeco Transpliiiters,
etc. Also high grade heavy, iron W\orkiiig IMachinery. as En-
gines and Turret Lathes. Boring and Tnrtning Mills, Tool Grind-
ing Machinery, and Special Machinery and Tools.
Fill0, M. E., of Fuller, Johnson I tanl tfacturin t g Co. 'resident Madison Gas L iglit and
Coke Co. Vice-Piesident First National Bank.
German American Bank, [le.
Grinlde, H. S ........ County Treasurer.
Grove, Wm. A ...... Prop. of Sample Parlors and Restaurant. Jos. Schlitz's Head-
quarters. Corner King and I)oty sts.
Haak, William, & Son. Wholesale and Retail Pealers in Windmills and all kinds of'
Hausmann. Joseph..
Heath, E. 11 ........
ilerfurth, Theo .....
)less & Schmitz ....
Hociell Chas .......
Hlollister's I'harmacy.
Hloven, Al. J ........
]Ioward, it. S .......
tovt, L. V ........
1lhi0les, W . It .......
.Jones, 13lr1'. \..
Kalla, Henry .......
Kentzler  A .........
Keyes. E. W ......
Kingsley, G. P., AI.D.
Plumps. 119 S. Webster St.
Capital Brewery. Biewer of Lager Beer and Ale. 333 State st.
\Il an ager of Wisconsin Braneh Advance Thresher Co. Advance
Thleshets, Engines. and Hlorse Powers.
General Real Estate. Fire and Life Insuranee Agent.    703 E.
Gorham St.
Livery, Boarding, and Sale Stable. Cori. State and Gilman Sts.
Manti     e  ofahnaleIariness. Vliolesale Leatlier Fiiiiiigs
and Saddlery Hiardware. 116 King St.
A. I. Iollister, Proprietor. C. 11. Bernard, Ph.G. Wholesale
find Retail Druggi sts. Pure Drugs. Surgical Instruments, F"inie
('henicals, ete.
Dealer in Fiesh, Salt, Smoked, and Dried Meats Hall, Lard,
Poultry', etc. Oy sters at Wholesale and Betail. Manuftactirer
of Sausage a sp~ecialty. Coi'. 11am iltoil and Mifflin sts. Coi'.
State and Gorhamn sts.
The Boss Ilarrow Mannfacturing Co. Exclusive M'fiufacturers
of the celebrated Boss Harrows, PuIVerize'slDisc Harrows, 'ress
Prills, and Hlaying Tools.
Real Estate and Loans.
Ieahcr in WVines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Attoine and Counsellor. Opposite Park Iotel.
Prop. Gerainn Beer Garden. D.'aler in choice Wines, Liquors,
ain Ciars. Fresh Beer always oil tap.
Prop. of City Livery Stable. The finest of Livery only. Special
attention riven to Funerals. Doty st. bet. Kiilg and Pinekney.
Attoiney and Municipal Jnige.
Treats successfullv Cancers, Tinors, inydroceie, IReinatism,
Dialhetes. Throat and Lung Diseases, Paralysis, all Diseases of
the Eye,ant all Feniale iliscases,no mIatterot'how long standing.
Chronic )iseases a l Specialty. Cires without the use of Crude
Minerals, Drugs, or harsh treatment.
Klauber-Rowley Clothing Co. Fine lercliant Tailoring, Clothing, Hats, and Furnish-
rgs. 22 E. Main St.
La Follette & Harper. Attorneys-at-Law.
Lamb, F. J. & C. F.. Attorneys and Counsellors-at-Law. Lamb's Block opposite Park
Laniugen & Quammen. The St' Saloon. Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, and all kinds
of Rereshlents. Co. Maiil and \iVebster sts.
Leary, John V .... . Attornei-at-law. Young's Block near Park Hotel.
Lewis, Pfiund & Briggs. Att orneys. Tenney Block.
Livesey, James ..... Contractor and Builder. Special attention given to moving build-
ings and setting monuments. Manufacturer of Asbestos Stone.
448 N. XXashington ave.
LyonIon. Wm. P. . A ssoceiate J ustice Supreme Court.
Madison Land and Imiprovement Co., The. tias sale of choice Suulrban Lots and
Mladison Gas Light
Main, Alex. 11 ...
Mayer, A. C ......
Mayers, Chas. M..
Miller, Jas. L. & Cu
Mills, Simeon ....
Acre Property adjacent to City of Madison.    WXil. 1". Fish,
Co. John Corscot, Secretary.
.iie, 'T'ornad, Life, Accidentand plate Glass Insurance. Special
Agent German American Insurance Co. of New York.
. Mayer's Saloon. Wines, Iiquors, and Cigars. Fresh Milwaukee
and MAladison Beer. II E. Main st.
. Insurance ail Real Estate.
o. Dealc's in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Mleats, Sausage, Fresh Fish,
Oysters, etc. Mlifflin St., W. cor. Park.
Real Estate.
Miinch. B. M. &
Morris & Morris
Nelson, T. A ....
New York Store ....
Olin  &  Butl ' . .....
O)liver Chilled Plow NV
Dealers in Flour, Feed, and Grain. Col. State and Gorham sts.
A tt orneys-at-Ilw.
Ilouse and Sign Painter, Paper  irangoer, and Decorator. Dealer
in Wall Paper, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc. Graining, (ilazig,
Kalsoniininig, and Gilding<. 110 E. Mifflin St.
Wi. G. 'itnin. Dry (oods an( Carpets, 5 & 7 W. Main st.
Lfawyers, 1 V. Main st.
,erks. N. AV. Braneh.
OIlson & Veerhusen. . Merchant Tailors. Clothiers, and Gents' Furnishers. Fine Mer-
chant Tailoring a speciait , '. 23 S. Pinckney st.
Orton, 1lon. 11. S .... Assoeiate Justice Supreme Court
Plrk, W'il. J. & Sons. Boolksell'r. Stationers, and Bookbiinders. Dealers in Pictures,
Fraies. l)raughlitill L.and Artists' Materials. lIt0 to 112 King st.
Pairk.  V.l. &   s. Pianos, Organs. Sheet NJ ls,, and \liisi' Books. l10 to 112 King st.
l'arkinsonif layes & Co. D)ealers in Groceries and Furiishing Goods. 652 William-
Sol) st.
'eterson, Olson & Fish. Contractors and
Piinev & Sanborn
IPromd'it, Frank F..
laviner, George ....
Ifeiser, J acob .......
Iiehmond & Snith. .
Robbins & Baltzell..
Rogers & Ithl ......
lowell, G F .......
Sceliler  Henry  .....
Schliimgen & Alford.
Sehlimgen, John ....
, iuihIe's. Mam i''turers of Sash, Doors,
linds, Xlantels. and Book Cases. Dealers ii Pine and Ilarl-
wood Iimber. 311 Vest Johnson St.
Real Estate and Loans.
)emocrat lrinting Co.
'roprietor Samplle and Pool iuonis. Choiee Wies, Liquors, anu,
'igais. \Varm luieh e'very morin1)g.
J. B. Silnith & T. C. lRichmlond, Attornet's. Youig's Block, near
Park lotel.
Madison City 'fills. Capacity I00 barrels.
Attorinc ys and Counsellors-at-Law. Coilm rei al law a specialty.
Teuey BIock.
lRegister of leeds.
'rorlietor lniveisit v Avenue Meat Market. All kinds of fresh,
salted, and sioked" mneats enmstantly kept on lntl. Sausage of
all kinds a sliecialty. 6;21 U iiiversit y ave.
Foreign and Iomestic Marhle and    Granite Monuments. All work
guaranteed. Corner King and Butler sts.
Notary 'ublic, Real Estate. File and Life Insurance A gent. 117
State St.
Schott Bros., Reinhld. The White House. Diealers in Imported and Domestic Wines,
i.quors, an I Cigars. First class in every respect. 13 N. P'inlck-
liey St.
Seenan, Jacob ...... Alt ornev-at-Law and Notaiy Public. Collections and Loans on
Real Estate.
Sheldon. Chas. S.    'livsieian and Soureon.
Slli onl, The S. L. Co. Gneral N. NV. Ag'tnts for Esterly Twine Binder, Wilt. Anson's
Wood's Mower, Meadow K iig Mower, Gregg      lenper, Meadow
Iing lBake, and Retail lealers in a full line of' Agricultural
Siceeker, Hion. Rlobert G. Judge of Circuit Court.
Si gge'lk ot', ohdn ...
Sigelkow & K leite.
Silbeirnagel & Dean
Smith &  Buiell ......
Soelch & Meg .....
Sommers Bros ......
Starek, John It.
State Bank, The ....
State Jo luanl Co ....
Steiil & Co., C. R ....
Stevens, B. S .......
Stevens C. V. & Son
Sillivau, C. C. & Co.
Sumner & Morris ...
Teckelneyer & Kurz.
Tenney, C. K .......
Thuriiiger S., & Son
Vilas, lon. Win. F..
Van Slyke, N.B .....
Vernoii ll  alph C ...
XVarnier NV. W  ......
XVeltonri C. B. & Co..
Wilelieim, Michael ...
Wootton & Lamont.
Zchiiter, Julius & Co.
Zwicky's Soils,  ...
Retired Farin'.
S'1rprietors Of' tle East Madison Market.  Meats of ill kinds
n'roIpty delivered. 506 E. Wilson st.
Colitractois aiil Buildlers. Ma:ufa'turers of' Sash, Doors, linds',
Mouldiiigs, Brackets, Base, Casings, al all kinds of Fiishin'
ft' luiltig. 415 W. Main st.
Attorneys-ai-Law. State Bank Block.
Proprietors iof the City Market. Iealers in Choice Meats and
Sausigies. Corner Main and Webster sts.
liitclicrs and lealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats, IHains,
I) ied Bee , and Sausages. Fish, Oysters, and Gainme ill Season.
Fat Stock of all kinds always in demand. 117 XV. Main St.
anuif'atinf'Sasi. ltinds. anl l)oors. ('ontractor and Buihlder.
Owner " Dane ('o." lor 11. Bt inett & Co's. Liic I'aint. 436 XV.
XXashinigton ave.
S. If. Mar,1ha1l, Clashier.
Plain and Ornamental Printing and Stereot'yping of every deserip-
tion. l'ullishcrs Wisconsin State Journal.  Journal Block,
117 E Washiigtonn,'e.
Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shigles, )oors, Sash, Stone Boat
'lank, Felnce Wire, Wagin ani Sleigh Stock, Ihardwoo'l lloor-
ing' of all kinds, Cedar Posts and Shingles, etc. 204 E. Vash-
inl gton ave.
Real Estate Brokers. Buy and sell on Conmissio. Corner
Kin'g   aiid Pinekney sts.
Dealers ini all kinds of Coal, Veod, Salt, Litte, and Cement. Illi-
nois Central IDepot.
Manufacturers of ai Iealiers in Tin, Copper and Sheet hi'on
XXare, Sielf Hardware, Stoves, IRanges ani Furnaces, Ammuni-
tioil Cutler  alnl Fishilug Tackle. 11 'ic'knev St.
Maniutacturer's of Crackers and Confectionery, an   Xholesale
Dealers in Nuts, Plaper Bags, etc. 120-122 S. Pinckney St.
Law and Collection Olllce. Tonn IBlock.
l)erleis in Dry Goods, Clothing, etc. 19 W. Alain st.
l'resident First National Bank.
'ianos, 0Organs, and Musical Merehandise. Established IS5.
'F'le Cash Clothiers Htatters, and Furnishers. Correct styles and
perfect fitting garments a specialty.  Lowest prices always
giaranteed. 15 WV. Main St.
House aind Sign Painting, Graining, and Glazing. Lowest prices.
Satisaetation guranteed. 411 X. Gilman st.
Insurane, aid Ilcal Estate Ageits. Rents collected, Taxes paid,
Money loaned. Pi'artielar attention given to the buying and
selling of Real Estate. Fire, Lif'e, Accident and Tornado In-
surance. Agents N. W. Mutual Life Insurance Co. 18 N.
Carroll st.
Dry Goods, Dral)eries, and Carpets.
Manuf tuenrers of Toilet and Laundry Soaps and SiI Soda. Also
Dealers in Rosin, Soda, and Sta'r Candles. 612 Mill st.

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