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Pioneer days of Evansville and vicinity

Chapter VII: an early day Methodist camp meeting,   pp. 32-35

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river conference. In the fall of 1842 Union was set off from Monroe circuit
and attached to Madison mission and Rev. Stephen P. Keys appointed preacher
in charge. He went from conference to Madison and finding no place for holding
meetings, did not preach or stay but a short time, and not knowing where
Union was, he concluded to return home. On his way he chanced to stop at
the house of Samuel Lewis at Union and was informed that he was in   the
promised land which had been  attached  to  Madison  mission. He stayed here
during the year and did good and effective church work. By mutual agreement
between the school district board and the official members of the church
the schoolhouse when completed was to be used as a meeting house and was
used as such till the summer of 1847. 
Rev. S. H. Stocking was presiding elder from the fall of 1842 to the fall
of 1843. In the fall of 1843 a minister by the name of Ferris was sent to
this circuit, but remained only  a short time, his place being filled the
remainder of the year by Rev. Boyd Phelps and   Father Griffith. Rev. John
Sinclair was presiding elder from the fall of 1843 to the fall of 1844. During
this year until the fall of 1845 they belonged to the Janesville circuit,
which included Mount Zion, Janesville, Union  and  McLaughlin (now Brooklyn).
From the fall of 1844 to 1845 Rev. Lyman Catlin was their preacher, with
Rev. S. H. Stocking presiding elder. 
In the fall of 1845 Union circuit was first formed and embraced what is now
Evansville, Union, Porter and McLaughlin (now Brooklyn), and the following
composed the official members of the circuit: Local preachers, Rev. Boyd
Phelps, Rev. John Griffith, Rev. Elisha Page, Rev. Amasa Graves.  Exhorter,
Zimri Campbell. 
Stewards, Ira Jones, John- Rhinehart, Hiram  Griffith, Alanson  B. Vaughn,
Wilson   W. McLaughlin. Class leaders, Jacob  West, John Dawson and H. J.
Sutherland. At the third quarterly conference of this year, 1845, the building
of a meeting house was discussed and a building committee appointed composed
of Ira Jones, Hiram Griffith and Thomas Robinson and soon after a subscription
was started and the building commenced    where  the  Economy building now
stands. This meeting house, 30 by 45 feet in size was built under the charge
of Rev. Asa Wood and dedicated in June, 1847 by Henry Summers, presiding
elder. Rev. Asa Wood was preacher in charge from 1845 to the fall of 1847
with Rev. Henry Summers presiding elder. 
In the fall of 1847 this circuit was attached to Racine district and Rev.
Chancey P. Hobart was presiding elder, with Rev. Charles  McClure, preacher,
both remaining till the fall of 1849, with Rev. Hiram Hersey district preacher
the last  year. Rev. Henry Summers was presiding elder from the fall of 1849
to the fall of 1852 and Rev. James M. Walker, preacher from  1849 to  1856,
with Rev. James Dawson as assistant, he securing his appointment from the
elder, also from this charge his first recommendation to   conference. In
the fall of 1850 Rev. J. M. Walker was returned as preacher in charge with
Rev. J. C. Dana as assistant. Rev. J. M. Walker was sent to fill a vacancy
at Beloit and Rev. Dana took charge with Brothers Phelps and Griffith as
In the fall of 1851 Rev. A. P. Allen was sent as preacher and  in February,
1852, Rev. George Fellows received his first license to preach and was assistant
preacher the balance of the year. In the fall of 1852, Rev. A. P. Allen was
appointed pre- 

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