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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Kent, Antoinette Cowles
Mrs. Mary Wadham Hunt,   pp. 151-156 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 155

    To the family and friends it is a delight that the
woman they love is permitted to enjoy all her mental
faculties and seeing and hearing to such a remarkable
degree. To sit in the presence of this woman is to have
removed the dread of old age, if such ever comes to one,
for with a mind as keen and such an excellent memory
and such a noble spirit she is able to interest and edify.
She has lived through an important epoch and can re-
member most of the important events of the 19th century.
    She was born at a time when many of the 'Revolu-
tionary soldiers were still living and when the stirring
events of that war were subjects of much interest. Her
life covered the incidents of five wars. Only two Presi-
dential Administrations preceded her advent. The years
one, two, three, four, five and six, are measured off with
pleasant reminders on each anniversary. June 6, 1908,
four and one-half months' after the celebration of 106
years of life she was relieved from her earthly home.
    Her last journey was made to rejoin her husband at
Mount Morris. Kind friends received the Funeral Cor-
tege and as the sun was setting low, kind friends con-
signed her to her last resting place.
    She had witnessed the advance of commerce, the ad-
vance in the wilderness of the West, and the wonders of
science and learning. To converse with her was to re-
view history. Remarkable as it was to have attained such
great age was much more remarkable to have been able
to span the chasm of more than a century; than 106 years,
retaining in perfection one's mental gifts and the enjoy-
ment that is near and dear.
    It is noticeable that Mary Wadham was a direct de-
scendant of Noah Wadham and Anne Hulburt, dating
back 200 years.
    Mary Royce, granddaughter of Mrs. Hunt, now Mrs.
Charles Merriman, is the mother of Elizabeth Merriman.
     Elizabeth Merriman is now Mrs. Fay Hulburt. Their
daughter, born June 20, 1922, is Barbara Elizabeth-the
fourth generation of the Wadhams-Hunt family in Beloit,

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