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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Husting, B. J.
Mary Magdelene Juneau Husting,   pp. 138-142 PDF (1.0 MB)

Kent, Antoinette Cowles
Mrs. Cordelia A. Perrine Harvey,   pp. 142-144 PDF (606.6 KB)

Page 142

    To Mrs. Jean Pierre Husting, Mayville, Wis., 1818-
1918. From the Solomon Juneau Centennial Committee.
Harry R. King, Chairman; Henry Bleyer, Secretary, Al-
vin P. Kletsch, Joseph C. Grieb, Otto J. Schoeneber, John
H. Manschot, John J. Gregory. (Inscribed by William
George Bruce).
    A final tribute to this mother was paid by one of her
sons, who said: "There are thousands, countless beauti-
ful memories of our dear Mother that would grace the
story of her life, but they are too precious to print. We
think she was the best Mother that ever lived; we are
certain there was never a better Mother to any son."
-         Author-Antoinette Cowles Kent
U. .........              .
    Early home, Kenosha. Marries Louis P. Harvey in
1845. Moved to Clinton Junction; thence they removed
to Shopiere in Rock County. There they remained until
1859, when Mr. Harvey becaxme Secretary of State, ne-
cessitating their removal to Madison. His wife on the
day of the firing of Fort Sumpter was interested in the
soldiers. To each of the Harvey Company she gave a
Testament and a Bible. She gave all her time to helping
the soldiers.
    At Savannah, Tennesee, where he had been caring
for sick and wounded soldiers, he was drowned while
passing from one boat to another. This event fixed in
Mrs. Harvey's mind the purpose to carry on the work
he had left undone. Mrs. Harvey had unusual tact and
charming manners. Her ministrations were such as to
give her the title, "Wisconsin Angel."
    In the early fall of 1862 she went to St. Louis as e
sanitary agent. Here she spent many weeks visiting

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