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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Sturtevant, Gene
Ida Cline Bartlett,   pp. 109-111 PDF (595.9 KB)

Page 110

    Mrs. Bartlett came of parents whose ancestors were
among America's earliest settlers. Her mother being a
descendant, in the eighth generation, of Peregrine White,
who became distinguished at a very early age. He was
born on November 20, 1620, in the cabin of the May-
flower, as she lay at anchor in Cape Cod Harbor, while
preparations for landing were pending. His name was
derived from the peregrinations of the family, "Peregrine
signifying a pilgrim in a strange land." He was the
grandson of Bishop John White of England, and a son
of William White; his mother being Susannah Fuller,
a sister of Samuel Fuller, who also came in the May-
    The paternal line of Mrs. Bartlett runs back to set-
tlers who came from Holland to settle in the Mohawk
valley. Her father, John Milton Cline, was a physician
of note in Jefferson County, New York.
    Ida Cline Bartlett was born in the town of Clayton,
New York, on August 20, 1849. Her childhood days were
spent in the place of her birth and her education was com-
pleted at Hungerford Institute, located in Adams, New
York, a rare feature of a school, in those days, being,
that it was a co-educational institution of learning.
    Her marriage to Albert Bartlett, a young business
man of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, occurred on October 7,
1884. She was not the first of her family to marry a Bart-
lett, as her grandmother on her maternal side also mar-
ried a man of that name. Shortly after the wedding, Mr.
Bartlett brought his bride to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, taking
up their residence in the home on Jackson Drive, in
which Mrs. Bartlett still lives. Her husband passed away
some sixteen years ago. Her name is among the older
residences of the city, having been erected before 1861,
in which year it was purchased by the father of Albert
    Mrs. Bartlett is a member of Plymouth Congrega-
tional Church. She has been a member and studied for
many years with the Clio Class, one of the oldest study

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