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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

McKinney, William, Mrs.
Mrs. Cordelia A. P. Harvey,   pp. 47-49 PDF (570.3 KB)

Page 49

him to establish a hospital at that place. After visiting
Memphis Mrs. Harvey inspected hospitals at Corinth,
Jackson and La Grange. About April 1st she was over-
come by the Miasma and was obliged to return north
where she recovered her health.
    On her return trip south she visited Washington and
obtained from Abraham Lincoln permission to establish
a hospital in Wisconsin for convalescing soldiers.
    Although Mrs. Harvey was the Sanitary Agent for
Wisconsin she paid little regard for the state lines and
her work may be truly regarded as National.
    When she returned from the south in 1865 she
brought with her six or seven orphans of the War, whom
she had found there, not inquiring on which side their
fathers fought. Soon after this she established a Sol-
diers Orphans Home in Madison which was in existence
until 1874, when the state feeling the need for retrench-
ment, closed the institution.
                      * * * *
    Mrs. Harvey at one time lived in Fort Atkinson and taught
a class in the Congregational Sunday School. She is still re-
membered by some of her scholars as a little woman with a
sweet face hid under a small bonnet with a long widow's veil;
a loving personality, quick, keen and jolly.
    This information obtained from Millie C. Brandel.
    Mr. G. H. Pounder, Fort Atkinson soldier in the Civil
War, relates this experience. He with a number of other men
were ordered to Missouri to fill up the depleted ranks of the
Wisconsin Company, and were sent by mistake to Mississippi.
They tried and tried to get back but all efforts failed until
they wrote to Mrs. Harvey. In a very short time Mrs. Harvey
was able to do what the Generals had not succeeded in get-
ting done. She had the rank of Colonel given her by Presi-
dent Lincoln.
                                  Florence Dexheimer.

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