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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

McKinney, William, Mrs.
Mrs. Cordelia A. P. Harvey,   pp. 47-49 PDF (570.3 KB)

Page 48

prisoners were well cared for. He stopped at Cairo,
Mound City, and Paducah, also at Pittsburg Landing.
From there he went to Savannah and as he was about
to pass from one boat to another, his foot slipped, and
he fell in the water and was drowned before help could
be secured.
    While this tragic event was taking place, his wife
totally ignorant of the shocking incident was busily en-
gaged in collecting money for the relief of soldiers' fam-
    She was not a woman to spend her life in mourning,
however, and when the intensity of her grief had some-
what lessened, she began to ask herself what her duties
in life were to be. A settled conviction possessed her
that her duty in life was to finish the work which he
had left undone She soon began to inquire where and
how she could be most helpful to Wisconsin soldiers.
In 1862 Governor Salomon appointed her Sanitary
Agent at St. Louis, and for four years she rendered ac-
ceptable service in the Southland for Wisconsin soldiers.
    Her tact was unusual therefore she succeeded in ac-
complishing things which other people failed.
    Her motherly heart and sympathetic figure caused
the men to call her the Wisconsin Angel.
    She began by visiting hospitals, in order that she
might find out where improvements were most needed.
Afterwards Mrs. Harvey proceeded to Cape Girardean
where hospitals were being improvised for the immediate
use of the sick and dying-then being brought in. She
visited day by day every sufferer's cot-taking with her
all the hope and comfort she could find in her heart to
give them.
    In 1863 Mrs. Harvey went to Memphis from which
place she sent a letter to the Governor of our state urging

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