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Goc, Michael J. / From past to present : the history of Adams County

Remembering Adams,   pp. 110-115 PDF (4.9 MB)

Page 111

and just in general had fun. Now both "hills" are gone--or is it
just that as we grew up we saw them the way they always were? 
However, none of us will ever forget those nights sliding on our 
Flexible Flyers (if you were lucky you had one), if not you used 
what you had and frequently piled on top of each other to go 
down on a favorite sled. A good "run" was across the road and 
ending up in front of Desmond's house. A long trek back; but 
no ever complained. 
No history of Adams would be complete without something 
in it about Bud Goggin. He finished at the University of Wis- 
consin, came to Adams and in time purchased the drugstore 
from Mr. Andrea. What a friend Bud was. He filled our cam- 
eras (Brownies) with film for us, sold us root beer floats, and 
sold Penny Dreadful Valentines at the correct time of year. He 
also employed a number of us to do various things, payment 
was usually a hot fudge sundae or a malted. No need in those 
days to add milk to an ordered malted, that was understood and 
they were thick and yummy. So were the root beer floats. Bud 
and I kept up our friendship until he died. He was a person well 
worth knowing. He also in later years did much to improve 
Adams, including establishing several scholarships that are still 
helping Adams County high school students to go on to better 
things. Bud was raised by his uncle Jim Madden, who was a 
railroader. Jim wanted better things than that for his nephew 
and saw to it that he went to college. Bud and Lil have left 
wonderful memories and concrete things, like buildings, a bet- 
ter fire department, which along with Pinky Voboril they founded 
in the early 1920's. It was fitting that his body was carried to 
Mt. Repose Cemetery on "Old Jenny" the first fire truck in 
Previous Page: Andrae's Drug Store, which opened in the old 
Strauss Saloon building in 1925. Two years later, Ronald 
"Bud" Goggin hired on as pharmacist and in 1928, the drug 
store moved next door to the ground floor o the Adams 
Hotel. Above: The Picus Store, on the northwest corner of 
Main and Grove, was destroyed by a fire in December 1930, 
that threatened the entire business district. The ill-prepared 
Adams and Friendship fire departments could not cope with 
it. The disaster prompted Goggin and others to create an 
well-equipped, trained fire department that became the model 
for other departments in the county. Below: Bud Goggin. 

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